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Mobile tariff hike: These tips will help you limit data consumption on your smartphone

The telecom companies have raised mobile tariffs starting from the beginning of July. Given this situation, if your phone is using more data, it could weigh heavily on your budget. These smart tips will help you avoid excessive data usage on your smartphone.

Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Published on: July 10, 2024 18:30 IST
Smartphone data consumption
Image Source : FREEPIK Smartphone data consumption

All major telecom operators in India have recently increased both prepaid and postpaid tariffs by up to 15 percent. These companies have also adjusted the existing benefits offered with some recharge plans. Consequently, some plans that previously included 2GB of data now only offer 1.5GB. In this situation, if you wish to reduce your data consumption, you can make some changes in your phone settings. These adjustments will help you conserve your daily data and reduce the need for frequent data booster recharges.

How to limit data consumption on a smartphone

Manage network mode

Airtel and Jio have launched 5G services in all telecom circles of the country. If your phone's default network mode is set to 5G, it will lead to higher data consumption. Data consumption is higher on a 5G network compared to 4G. 

To mitigate this, change your phone's network settings to 4G (LTE)/3G/2G. This will prevent your phone from connecting to the 5G network, reducing data consumption.

Monitor data usage

Certain apps on your smartphone consume more data. Only open these apps when necessary. To check data usage, navigate to the settings of your smartphone and then to the mobile network option. Here, you will find the data usage option. 

Tap on it to identify which apps are consuming more data.

Disable background data

Many apps on smartphones continue to use data in the background. To restrict the background data usage of such apps, enable data saver mode. This mode is beneficial when using the smartphone primarily for calling or messaging.

Limit HD photos and videos

When downloading photos or videos from social media and messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and YouTube, opt for standard mode. You can restrict the quality of the files through the settings of these apps. This will reduce your daily data usage.

Turn off auto-update

Many apps download updates using mobile networks. This leads to higher data consumption. You can turn off auto update from Google Play Store or set it to download over Wi-Fi only. 

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