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Hypolator: How this Made-in-India design can change world's public transport system - Explained

HYPOLATOR is a new technology to help commute comfortably and affordability. The new technology supports cashless booking, live tracking of buses & metros, real-time notifications, and more.

India TV Tech Desk Edited by: India TV Tech Desk Noida Updated on: June 06, 2022 13:17 IST


HYPOLATOR is a new technology to enables the user to transport within the city, in a more comfortable and affordable way. The new technology supports Cashless Booking, Multiple Payment Options, Live Tracking of buses & Metros, Real-Time Notifications, Real-time update of Service Availability, Emergency Alert System, and Premium Additional on Ride Services.

The technology is an example of creating innovation in Hardware Engineering along with designing. It operates with the support of a Robust Software and the entire system is managed and run by end-to-end system software HYPOLATOR X-Transit (HXT).

HYPOLATOR is a technology introduced by a Serial Entrepreneur named Mayank Bajoria. He started his vision with Shishir Saralesh, a Mechanical Engineer who will be joining Alexandra Sotnikova, a Russian Mathematician cum Data Analysis Expert to support the Indian Startup project, to change the way of travelling in India.

We spoke to Mayank Bajoria to know more about HYPOLATOR and its future plans:

How did the idea of HYPOLATOR come into your mind?

When asked about his motivation for HYPOLATOR, Mayank said, “I was born in a middle-class family. My daily journey during my schooling was through public transport like metros and buses. I believe these transports were always meant for people like us who can’t afford cabs and taxis. But talking about public transport in India, it indeed is a mess - crowded and congested, with poor quality infrastructure to molestation- and I suffered all of it.”

 “Hence when I grew up and started earning a living, the first thing I bought was a used car. I was happy that I don’t have to go through all that pain now. But soon, my belief was broken, when I went to Moscow. To my fullest surprise, people with higher income prefer public transport more often because of its great connectivity, high-quality infrastructure, and ability to save time.   I soon realized that public transport is not for the lower section of society, but it is meant for all, and if developed properly, it can help in solving bigger global crises like global warming, air pollution, and road accident issues,” He added.

Video: HYPOLATOR Project Overview 

How did you start with your project?

Soon I along with my founding partner Shishir and Co-founder Alex started working with one mission. What happened to me or with millions of others, should not happen to the upcoming generations- including women and children. And with this vision and mission, we planned to start our project focusing on – “How to make Public Transport more Comfortable, Affordable & Convenient through Innovative Engineering and Technology Integration”.

What is a Light Rapid Transport System (LRTS)?

The metro build-up cost is very high, globally and it might cost around Rs 200 crores to Rs 350 crore per kilometre. If underground, it may go as high as Rs 400 crores to Rs 550 crores per kilometre. Moreover, it needs huge land to build itself and support its all maintenance and other operational needs. And it is a must to mention that the metro’s heavy structure could not be built in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Also, land acquisition issues, cutting down trees and all is a huge trouble in the metro system is a concern for many cities and states.

Hence, the need to come up with an alternate mode of public transport is a must, which could be cost-effective, light, and supports renewable energy. 
This Light Rapid Transport System (LRTS) will help in complimenting the metro. HYPOLATOR can act as public transport in Smart Cities, Airport Connectors, and feeder transport to metro systems.

Watch Video on HYPOLATOR's future role in Global Warming Reversing 

What about Safety in HYPOLATOR?

HYPOLATOR has been designed with global safety norms, with back-to-back safety arrangements. It has been designed with the team having deep experience in Metro, Space, and Defence projects of India to take care of all the aspects needed to make it the safest public transport in India.
Having got its project safety and green project accreditation from MSME, CTCC department of Government of India, Team HYPOLATOR is now looking to make a demonstration track of around 2km to showcase its strength to Global Players. According to Shishir, “The idea is to tap the Global Public Transport market, this size of which is $200b” with this demonstration model”.

How has been the response so far? 

Team HYPOLATOR has already received interest from a few states. According to Alexandra, “With Global Warming a reality now, 25% approx. of greenhouse gas which comes from Transport Industry, many VCs are actively taken up the task of investing in CleanTech Industry having specialized in Public Transport domain. And now since we made multiple prototypes and got safety compliances and basic project approvals, the coming year will be a great upward ride for the company”. 

Recently, Tata has formed a special subsidiary that will look to invest in India’s Public mobility segment. And with Reliance increasing their stake in Startup Skytran and Adani investing hugely in Modern Airports, HYPOLATOR can play a game-changer role.

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