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How to improve your smartphone's Battery Life? 5 Tips

Mobile battery draining is a common problem, and people have been trying unusual ways to get it fixed. So, here we bring to you five ways to keep your mobile battery up by following the suggestions.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: October 09, 2023 15:41 IST
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Smartphones are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which, over time, can experience a decline in capacity due to their chemical properties. This reduction in battery life is directly related to how frequently you use your smartphone. Nevertheless, advancements in technology, particularly in software, have allowed smartphone manufacturers to implement strategies that slow down this process, helping users prolong their battery's lifespan and extend its daily usage.

Let's delve into some of the popular methods for preserving your mobile device's battery capacity and discover effective ways to maximize its daily performance. It's important to note that your battery's long-term durability is influenced by the number of charge cycles it undergoes. In principle, fewer charge cycles lead to a longer-lasting battery. Therefore, most of the following suggestions are based on this principle.

Avoid extreme weather conditions

Smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple, advise against using your phone in extreme heat or cold as it can harm your battery. Excessive heat can lead to power loss, faster battery depletion, and potential lithium-ion battery damage. Steer clear of using your phone in intense heat or direct sunlight. Extreme cold can also temporarily reduce battery life, but returning to optimal conditions should restore normal battery function, albeit with potential long-term harm.

Remove cases while charging

Using bulky phone cases during charging can lead to overheating and reduced charging efficiency. It's recommended to remove your phone case, especially during fast charging, to ensure safe and efficient charging.

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Enable 'Optimized Battery Charging'

This feature, available on various devices, limits your battery charge to 80% while the device is plugged in and not in use. It replenishes the remaining charge based on your usage patterns, reducing wear and tear on your battery. Look for this setting in your device's settings menu.

Avoid deep battery discharge

If you frequently drain your smartphone battery to 0% and then charge it to 100%, it's time to change this habit. Such practices can accelerate battery aging. When your battery level drops below 25%, plug it in and charge it back to around 75-80% to alleviate stress on your battery.

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Optimize your device for battery life

To enhance your smartphone's battery life without delving into its battery health, consider these tips: If you don't require 5G speeds, switch to 4G LTE when using mobile data to conserve battery. Adjust your screen settings to a 60Hz refresh rate and lower resolution if your device supports it, as this can extend battery life. Identify power-hungry apps running in the background and restrict their activity in settings to reduce battery drain.

By implementing these strategies, you can help preserve your smartphone's battery capacity and extend its overall lifespan, ensuring that it serves you well over time.

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