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Content Creators can seek help from these 5 apps to get viral

Content Creator- if you are a content creator then take the help of these platforms to self work and grow your followers.

Saumya Nigam Edited By: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: July 11, 2022 20:07 IST
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Content creation has proved to be lucrative not only for writers, but for every industry in today's time. It enables brands, people, organisations to give out their thoughts, opinions or any kind of information in a creative way. Content indeed plays a very vital role in creating noise and making a buzz in the market about any thing- it could be a new launch, a new brand, new service etc. It further enables various businesses to get their message sent in a structured way- they hire a professional and seek help to make their message more attractive and impactful.

Every content creator needs help, even though he is the perfect one- but as we all say, no one is perfect and there is a scope for improvement, as always! But at times, there are situations when you cannot seek your teacher to check your content, so that is the time for self-help and correction.

We bring to you 5 important and streamlined apps/platforms which could be a saver to your art times for creating engaging content: 


Building a sustainable community and monetization is a primary challenge, especially when you are on highly competitive platforms like Instagram and Youtube. With Cosmofeed, creators can produce, grow, engage and monetize communities with simple tools. From monetizing a free channel to paid channel, courses, subscriptions, etc, this hybrid platform supports all the innate problems of the creator workflow and distribution. Content creators in all segments especially finance, crypto, education, designing, storytelling, and filmmaking can create their community, organize workshops or events, sell courses and withdraw their earnings instantly. The best element of this app is that the creators are not charged for using the platform and contain zero commission payouts. 


Money management is the biggest challenge faced by amateur and experienced content creators. With MoneyyApp, creators can solve all their money-related proceedings without needing an accountant. It provides a streamlined process of financial management for creators by displaying their earnings on one dashboard. Creators can monitor all payments with automated reminders. Whether it is income, expense, due dates, monthly financial calendar, or calculated tax amount, everything can be tracked on this one app. Creators can even file ITR or apply for GSTIN or PAN with a few easy steps and raise invoices as well. Whether you are creating content on Instagram, Moj, Josh, YouTube or Facebook, MoneyyApp is any creator’s go-to option for tracking and managing their past and upcoming earnings & expenses from multiple revenue streams.


Images and illustrations are the most compelling elements of creating engaging content, especially on social media platforms. With Canva, designing a format, creating presentations, templates, posts, logos or posters for content creation becomes way too easier. It is an online graphic design app that comprises thousands of professional templates, images, and quality content that can help you create a unique visual presentation of your idea. Creators can invite, collaborate and create a team globally to edit, manage brand assets, exchange feedback, get approvals, and scale their visual content in real-time over this platform. Canva is the best graphic design app, if you are looking for making creative posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest graphics, Youtube thumbnails, or business cards, event invitations, resumes, magazine covers, logos, certificates, etc.


Error-free communication is essential in content creation. Creators' communication must have an effective and professional impact especially, when it comes to promotions, announcements, and other written content used for engagement on social media, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and several other apps. Grammarly is an AI-driven and cloud-based typing assistant that helps creators in reviewing and correcting the spelling, grammatical errors, punctuations, tone of the language, etc. It identifies and looks for an appropriate replacement for the errors of the content.


Content creation is nothing without digital marketing in today's era. Adzooma is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps creators to scale their business and gain a competitive advantage through effective, and simple advertising tools along with tutorials. Creators can link their accounts to manage, optimize, scale-up, and automate their advertising campaigns for Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, all in one place without any hassle in a single click. Through automation, the platform analyses the accounts 24*7 which allows the creators to improve their performance. It also provides free knowledge base tutorials and playbooks to creators for improving their skills.

To develop a lucrative business, it's imperative to focus and align the subject matter, content, audience/customer engagement, monetization, and money management altogether for any content creator. These apps/platforms not only simplify your workload but are also time-saving.

(The above details have been shared by the agency, and India TV takes no responsibility for anything claimed in the article. All the thoughts are personal)

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