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Android's new feature will protect your personal data from thieves: Details here

Google has introduced a new Theft Detection Feature for Android smartphones. This feature aims to safeguard the user's data, personal information, and banking details in the event of the phone being stolen. Additionally, it prevents unauthorised usage of the stolen phone.

Written By: Om Gupta New Delhi Published on: June 17, 2024 15:57 IST
Google Android Theft Detection Feature
Image Source : FILE Google Android Theft Detection Feature

Google introduced a new theft detection feature for Android smartphones at its developers' conference, I/O 2024, held last month. This feature works on AI, Artificial Intelligence. It is special because even after stealing the phone, the thief will not be able to use the phone. The phone will not be unlocked without the permission of the first user of the phone. Google has rolled out this feature for testing in Brazil. 

This feature will lock the smartphone if it is stolen, after which no data, photos, banking apps, etc. of the phone can be used. This new Anti-Theft feature is for the protection of personal data, banking details, etc. of the users in case of phone theft.

Google had explained in its developers' conference that this anti-theft feature will help in locking the stolen device in three ways. Google will use AI to find out whether the mobile handset is with the thief or the real owner. For this, the movement of the device will be detected and the phone will be locked if the motion seems suspicious, the phone's screen will lock instantly. Users will also be able to remotely lock the screen of their stolen smartphone using another device. Additionally, if the phone is not connected to the internet for a long time, it will be automatically locked.

After the introduction of this feature from Google, the thief will not be able to use the phone after stealing it. Selling the stolen phone will be difficult, as it will need the credentials of the real owner to unlock the device for a factory reset.

Meanwhile, YouTube is planning a significant upgrade by introducing new features aimed at making it more user-friendly and interactive. Google, the tech giant, is working on integrating new and advanced tools such as AI live chat, QR codes for channels, and the Google Lens search feature into YouTube.

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