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5 things why YouTube is considered reliable for videos

YouTube has been there for more two-decade and people do trust the platform more than any application which we have got at present. So, what makes YouTube so liked? Let's find out.

Saumya Nigam Written by: Saumya Nigam Noida Published on: April 06, 2022 10:11 IST


Before these short video trends came in, YouTube was the master of all of this. The only platform which was famous to so many generations. It was known for its authentic content- from official celebrity pages, education pages, entertainment pages, hacks pages, cartoon pages and whatnot- the list is never-ending. 

But many thought that the rising trend of short videos and creative videos, will get to the toss and no one would look for the platform- but people were proved wrong. The authenticity of youtube is beyond words. Here we bring to you 5 points why YouTube is much more popular in generations and people of various age groups:


Video is considered to be a better mode to convey emotions and physical attributes of anything which a person would want to promote- from the product, brand, food etc. So, the platform gives a common man to reach and impact personally through creative visual cues.

Wider Reach

If you believe that putting big amounts and advertising is still trending, then you are wrong as we are not just region-centric. Today we have audiences all over the world and with YouTube, the geographical constraints get killed and people can convey their message to a larger audience to gain popularity.


If your content reaches the masses, youtube gives you an authentic trophy to celebrate your reach and make you feel complimented. This is a gesture that is recognised by mostly all youtube users across the world. 


We all know that short videos are all for getting the glamour and it has nothing to do with the quality. The more funny, jovial, revealing videos we create on short video apps, the more popular we get. But this is not with YouTube, as the platform has categorised various segments- science, maths, education, entertainment, sex, adult, etc. All the segment defines the category and people can gain their kind of traffic accordingly. 


We know what happened with TikTok in India, and many people lost their content when the application got banned. This perhaps is not happening with YouTube as the platform has been in the market for a very long time and people know it, use it frequently and gain popularity accordingly. So, we all know at the time of writing that this platform helps us to preserve our content and reach the larger masses

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