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This video shows how Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro exploded in Gujarat

A Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro exploded in Gujarat, India. Read on to know what happened

Vanshika Malhotra Written by: Vanshika Malhotra @vanshika1628
New Delhi Updated on: February 05, 2020 14:01 IST
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Image Source : 91MOBILES

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro after explosion

As part of yet another smartphone explosion, a Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro caught fire and exploded in India. The incident took place in a repair shop in Gujarat, India, where the smartphone was being repaired. Read on to know more about the explosion incident.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro explosion

According to a report by 91Mobiles, a technician going by the name Kishan was repairing the Redmi Note 6 Pro at Dhriti Mobiles when he saw smoke coming out of the smartphone's back panel.

Soon after, the Xiaomi smartphone caught fire. The technician immediately threw the smartphone aside. Luckily, no one got hurt, however, the smartphone was totally destroyed. 91Mobiles even posted the video on their Facebook page.

Here's a video of the same to see what really happened:

Xiaomi reached out to and issued an official statement. Xiaomi spokesperson said, "At Xiaomi, customer safety is of utmost importance to us and we take such matters extremely seriously. All our devices go through various levels of stringent quality tests to the highest standards. Our devices also have third parties validation for our standards of quality and after-sales. 

With respect to this case, we are trying to establish contact with the customer and retrieve the device for further investigation. We will share an update at the earliest. However, one can see in the video that the customer had reached out to a local repair shop and the phone was being forcefully opened which might have led to further damage to the device. We urge and request our customers to reach out to authorized service centres for any concerns where qualified personnel are available to address their issues."

Not the first Xiaomi phone to catch fire!

For those who don't know, Xiaomi smartphones have a reputation of exploding. A previous incident involved the explosion of the Xiaomi Redmi 6A, which exploded in a man's pocket. The man called Madhu Babu was a resident of the East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh.

It was reported that Babu was riding his bike when he felt the heat in his pocket where the smartphone was kept. Following a light explosion sound, smoke started to come from the Redmi 6A and eventually caught fire.

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