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PUBG Mobile '2gether We Play': New minigames to keep you pumped during COVID-19 quarantine

PUBG Mobile brings '2gether we play' mini-games to keep you pumped during the Coronavirus lockdown. Here's how to win them.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 07, 2020 18:14 IST
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PUBG Mobile brings 2gether we play mini-games. Here's how to play them

PUBG Mobile has been releasing back to back updates lately. The company focuses on adding new maps, modes and more to keep players pumped up. During this coronavirus lockdown, the players have started to engage even more as they want something to kill time. With the company's recent 2nd anniversary update, the game has received new vintage games that give players a chance to win rewards.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG Mobile has added mini-games inside the game that bring nostalgia for many players. These mini-games include Space War and Hunt Game. The mini-game zones are added in the map that are included inside amusement parks. 

What are Hunt Game and Space War mini-games?

In order to begin with these mini-games, one first needs to understand what they are. These games are aimed at bringing back old memories for the players. The Hunt Game basically tests your shooting skills as you need to control the crosshair to shoot at the birds flying on the TV screen. Alongside the aim, this mini-game can also test your reaction time at shooting. 

The other mini-game available is the Space War. Space War is a user-friendly game and requires the player to take down enemy ships and dodge bullets to earn points. The game was developed back in 1962 and managed to gain a lot of popularity over time.

How to win these mini-games?

Earn Game Tokens: In order to play these mini-games, the player will need tokens to play these mini-games inside the amusement parks. Just like actual amusement parks, these games will cost the player one coin every time they are played. These tokens can be easily won by completing missions.

You need a guard: When playing a mini-game inside PUBG Mobile, the user will need to ensure that their teammates are there to guard. As soon as a player starts a mini-game, the minigame machine screen becomes their main screen. This means the player will not be able to see what is happening around. So, it is very important that one or more teammates are there to look after. Otherwise, while playing the mini-game, you can even get shot. As for the team, they will also get rewards even if one player manages to win the mini-game.

Grab loot: While players used to hunt for the loot, with the introduction of the mini-games, the players can just call-in for supplies. Players can now keep playing the mini-games using the tokens and earn supplies in the form of rewards. These rewards can include scopes, ammo, guns and much more.

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