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Don't let your phone overheat: Tips to keep your device cool

Phone overheating can not only cause discomfort to the user but also damage its battery life and performance in the long run.

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: April 08, 2023 7:30 IST
Don't let your phone overheat
Image Source : FREEPIK Don't let your phone overheat: Tips to keep your device cool

Mobile Phones have become an essential part of our lives. They are used for everything from communication to entertainment, and sometimes, they are used for long periods without realising their potentially harmful effects. One such danger is overheating.  Overheating can not only cause discomfort to the user but also damage the phone's battery life and performance in the long run. 

Here are five tips and tricks to keep your phone from overheating:

Avoid direct sunlight on your Phone 

Your phone can overheat for several reasons and one of the most common is leaving it in direct sunlight. Keep your phone out of the sun to avoid overheating. 

Lower your screen brightness

In case you increase the brightness of your phone your battery will have to work harder and generate more heat causing your device to overheat. To prevent your screen from staying on for excessively long periods, reduce the brightness of your screen and think about reducing the length of the screen timeout. Consider getting an anti-glare screen protector as well; it can make it easier to see your phone's screen in the sunlight and save you from increasing the brightness. 

Turn off unused apps on your Phone

Your phone gets hot when it has too many open apps running in the background. These applications can drain your phone's battery and heat it at the same time. Shut down the apps running in the backgrounds which you are no longer using. This way you will greatly reduce the workload of your phone and prevent it from overheating. 

Use a manufacturer-approved charger

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Make sure the charger you use is compatible with your phone and comes from a reputable manufacturer. Also, ensure that your phone's charging port and charger are not damaged as these are also issues that can cause overheating.

Buy a cooling fan for your phone

The option of getting a fan for your phone might be something you should consider if you are using it for gaming regularly and making it do high-performance tasks. There are several different cooling fans for phones, designed for different purposes. These fans are usually attached to the back of the phones using some kind of clamping mechanism.

Overheating can be a frustrating and potentially damaging problem for your smartphone. However, by following these simple tips and tricks, you can help keep your phone from overheating and ensure that it functions smoothly for years to come.



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