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RBI MANI app makes it easy for the visually impaired to identify currency: All you need to know

RBI MANI app launched in India to help the visually-impaired identify currency notes. Here's all you need to know

IANS Written by: IANS
New Delhi Updated on: January 02, 2020 17:30 IST
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RBI Mani app launched

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched a new app -- the RBI MANI app -- which is meant for the visually-impaired to easily identify various currency notes in India. Here’s everything you should know about the app:


The RBI MANI app or the Mobile Aided Note Identifier app will allow people with visual impairment to distinguish between various denominations of the Indian currency. The app has been launched by RBI governor Shaktikanta Das.

The announcement was also made by RBI’s official Twitter handle. Here’s the tweet:

RBI MANI app features

The RBI MANI app will identify currency notes by scanning the front and back of the notes. Even a half-folded note at ‘various holding angles’ can be easily identified by the app. 

The app used voice controls (both in Hindi and English), making it easier for the blind to use the app. The app also has a non- sonic mode such as vibration for the people with hearing impairment.

Additionally, it can work in offline mode, meaning it doesn’t require the internet to function.

One thing worth noting is that the MANI app doesn’t tell whether or not the currency note is fake.

RBI MANI app: how to use it?

There are two simple steps for users to easily use the app:

  • Download the app from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • Once downloaded, open the app.
  • Point its built-in camera to the currency note you want to identify and the work is done.

RBI MANI app availability

The RBI MANI app is available via the Google Play Store and the App Store as a free app. All users need to download the app.

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