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Google 3D Animals: How to see tiger, dog, birds in your living room on Android, iOS

Google 3D Animals is last year's feature that everybody is suddenly talking about. Here's how you can see animals in AR using your Android, iOS smartphone.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 07, 2020 10:33 IST
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Google 3D Animals is a feature that one would like to play around with every now and then.

Google 3D Animals feature was introduced back in 2019. The feature basically takes advantage of augmented reality (AR) to bring various animals like Tiger, Dog, Duck and more. The feature was added to the Google Search and since then the tech giant has added more of these 3D animals. While the feature has been there for a while now, it has suddenly started to pop up as people are finding new fun things to do during this Coronavirus Pandemic

How to see Google 3D animals

As mentioned above, almost one year after the launch, the feature now has tons of animals to watch in 3D. Currently, users can choose between various animals including Alligator, Angler fish, Brown bear, Cat, Cheetah, Dog, Duck, Eagle, Emperor penguin, Giant panda, Goat, Hedgehog, Horse, Lion, Macaw, Octopus, Shark, Shetland pony, Snake, Tiger, Turtle and Wolf. Apart from animals, the Google 3D feature can also work for planets such as Mars, Earth, Pluto and others.

Google 3D feature is available on Google Search for both iOS and Android platforms. It is fairly easy to use and one just needs to follow some simple steps to enjoy some augmented reality during the period of the nationwide lockdown.

How to use Google 3D Animals feature?

  • Open Google Search on your smartphone. On Android, the feature works on both Chrome and the Google app. However, iPhone users need to stick with only the Chrome web browser.
  • Search for the animal of your choice
  • The search result for that animal will appear alongside some information. Scrolling down will bring an option to view it in 3D. Tap on “View in 3D” option.
  • Now, you can see a 3D model of that animal with a white background. In order to bring AR into the play, you need to tap on the “View in your space” option.
  • Lastly, the user just needs to look around using the phone’s viewfinder to find the animal. Once found, you can even click pictures or make videos of the animal.

While this is a fun activity to do, it can also prove useful for children learning about animals and their behaviour.

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