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Highlights, FIFA U-17 World Cup: England beat Spain 5-2 in final to lift maiden title

England are the World Champions as they made a remarkable comeback to defeat Spain in a seven-goal match.

Reported by: Brett Ellis, New Delhi [ Updated: October 28, 2017 22:57 IST ]
Image Source : FIFA Sergio Gomez of Spain starts the scoring against England.

It's all done and dusted. England are the FIFA U-17 World Cup champions!! No one would have expected England to make an epic comeback after conceding two goals in the first half. Foden's brace, White Geuhi and Brewster added to Spain's woes in the second half as they piled on and never gave the opposition a moment of rest. England clinch their first ever FIFA U-17 World Cup title. Sergio Gomez's brace in the first half saw the Bulls take charge of the match but what a turnaround by the England colts. Certainly a memorable world cup in India for all to remember. 


Philip Foden of England is presented with the Golden Ball. 

Rhianan Brewster of England is presented with the Golden Boot with 8 goals in this tournament.

Sunil Chhetri, FIFA President Gianni Infantino, West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee present the FIFA U-17 World Cup trophy to the Champions, England.


90'min: Matters get ugly as England and Spain's players get physical on the field.

88'min: Classic revenge on their rivals as England have added enough misery on the Spaniards. From 2-0 down, the Three lions have netted four goals in the second half. 

87'min: GOAL!!! England are on a riot!! The Three lions have made a comeback and Foden has ensured that the World Cup is theirs!!

83'min: GOAL!! England score and that seals the match. With a few minutes left to play and Marc Guehi scores the fourth goal of the match. That goal just may decide the winner of the World Cup.

82'min: Jaume is sent off!! A second card in the match and is sent walking to the bench.

80'min: Luis Aduriz's shot wide of the target. England's Nya Kirby comes on for goalscorer White. Spain's Carlos Beitta comes off the bench to replace Antonio Blanco.

78'min: 12 minutes and injury time left and a winner yet awaits. Spain are capable of pulling one back and equalising the score but it seems a little too late. An impressive comeback from England.

74'min: England and Spain go back and forth, another goal for either team would be crucial. Spain are giving it their all as they couldn't defend their lead.

70'min: Spain nearly crept one in!! A shot by Luiz cleared off the goalline by England's goalkeeper.

69'min: GOAL!!!! England lead!! What a comeback!! The Three Lions lead and a great cross into the box finds Philip Foden.

67'min: Spain build up pace as the Englishmen sit back and defend. We may head directly to penalties if the score remains the same after 90 minutes.

64'min: A shot on target by Odoi from England. The Three lions are doing all that they can to create an epic comeback in the making.

63'min: Spain's Juan Miranda given a yellow card for his tackle on England's defender. The player is cautioned as England have rattled the Spaniards lead they had at half time. 

62'min: England forwards marches on as they torment the Spainish defenders.

56'min: GOAL!!! England level score!! A sweet ground cross sent in by Brewster and White taps in the equaliser. What a match!!

54'min: The English are now on the defending side as Spain's midfield orchestrate the attack for the forwards.

52'min: A corner for England and excellent football on display, The Goalkeeper saves Brewster's shot on target from the corner. Agonizing for the Englishmen.

50'min: A bad challenge by the England midfielder to Gillamon as he steps off the field for a check up. Spain awarded a free kick.

47'min: A perfect through ball sent in by Foden for Brewster to convert but the Spanish goalkeeper steps up and saves the shot.

45'min: The second half resumes and England concede a corner kick immediately. The Spaniards won't sit back and defend but would want to call the shots in the second half.

HALF TIME!!: Spain lead England in the first 45 minutes by 2-1, but the Three Lions look determined and have clawed their way back in. The match is not over. With Spain conceding a goal from England, the match has turned over its head completely.

45+'min: A free kick for England and Brewster's shot hits the crossbar. A level at halftime was just about to be made. 

43'min: GOAL!! England pull back one!! A superb cross finds Liverpool's Brewster and the Three Lions are back in the game!! What a final we have on our hands!!. 

42'min: An absolute heartbreaker. A beautiful piece of counter-attack and Bodin's curl just hits the far right post. They could have been a goal up but the attack play looks stronger.

39'min: A golden opportunity for England as a sweet cross from Callum finds White and he heads it just outside the post. Miranda taken for a walk on the sidelines as he is tackled by Brewster of England.

34'min: The Spaniards are rampant. Thirty minutes gone and the Bulls have charged. The World Cup trophy set in their sights and two goals in the first half speaks volumes.

29'min: GOAL!!!! Spain score again!! A second goal by Sergio Gomez!! A sweet cross from Ceaser and Gomez converts it into a volley to find the back of the net. Spain 2-0 England

26'min: England's Bodin sends in a powerful shot only to be deflected off the defender for a corner.

25'min: Spain's defence block White's shot which could have curled in in the top left corner of the net.

22'min: Spain dominate the first 22 minutes of the match with 60% of the possession, four attempts and three on target.

19'min: A crucial save by Anderson of England. Spain's defence immediately start a counter-attack on a failed set piece from England but Anderson stood strong to deny the Spaniards the second one.

17'min: Spain's defenders create space for the attackers and England nearly conceded another goal. England's defence manage to start a counter attack but a cross sent out of the field.

15'min: The first half has burst open, Spain's goal has raised England's tempo in the match as the advance forwards sprint at any given chance.

10'min: GOAL!!!!! Spain starts the scoring. Sergio Gomez nets in the ball after a good save by Anderson. A beautiful cross by by Ruiz and Gomez is the man. Spain 1-0 England

8'min: England play it slow as their midfielders try and find a way through the Spanish defence.

6'min: Spain now bringing the attack as Miranda constructs the play for the Spanish forwards.

4'min: Spain's Gomez sends in a cross but immediately blocked by the England goalkeeper Anderson.

3'min: Spain begin the counter-attack, as soon as the La Rojita clear the ball of England's offence. 

2'min: England start on an attacking mode as Brewster sends in a shot a good save by the goalkeeper of Spain. England build the pace in the starting minutes and are known to make an instant impact in all of their matches with an early goal.

1'min: And here we go, the finals, the two Europe giants head to head. England vs Spain.


England: Curtis Anderson (GK), George McEachran, Marc Guehi, Jonathan Panzo, Philip Foden, Tashan Oakley-Boothe, Rhian Brewster, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Joel Latibaudiere (C), Steven Sessegnon, Morgan Gibbs White

Spain: Alvaro Fernandez (GK), Mateu Jaume, Juan Miranda, Hugo Guillamon, Victor Chust, Antonio Blanco, Ferran Torres, Mohamed Moukhliss, Abel Ruiz (C), Sergio Gomez, Cesar Gelabert

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