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Arvind Kejriwal: Love him, hate him, but can't ignore him

New Delhi, Oct 22: For the young and sections of the Indian middle class he is a "hero" who has "unmasked" corrupt politicians. But there are many who can't stand the Magsaysay award-winning activist-turned-politician's "methods"

IANS Updated on: October 22, 2012 11:36 IST
But the 24X7 media coverage of Kejriwal has ensured that he has become a household name.

This time he has been able to capture the imagination of youth, which he could not achieve when he was under the shadow of social activist Anna Hazare.

He has also struck an instant chord with the middle class, when he accused both the Congress and the BJP of being hand in glove and also took up the burning issue of high power tariffs in the capital.

He has clearly mesmerised youth and the middle class who want a change in society, a society that will be free of corruption in high places.

It's no wonder that IIT and IIM graduates are joining his orgnisation.


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