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Syria's Aleppo Airport opens after 8 years

Flight services have resumed at Aleppo International Airport, eight years after military confrontations in war-torn Syria force stopped it.

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Damascus Updated on: February 19, 2020 15:55 IST
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Image Source : FLIGHTRADAR

Aleppo Airport is open again after being closed for more than 8 years.

Eight years after the services were suspended at Syria's Aleppo International Airport, the first flight landed at the runway on Wednesday. A Syrian Air Airbus A320 took off from Damascus International Airport landed at Aleppo International Airport today. The flight duration was of 35 minutes. 

"Reopening the airport to air traffic is a fruit of the victory achieved by the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism and it came after security prevailed in Aleppo City," Director of Aleppo International Airport Eng. Mohammad al-Masri was quoted by a website. 

You can track the flight path at Flightradar24.

Aleppo was the worst-hit city in Syria’s nine-year civil war. The crisis in Syria has been called the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world. Since December, the Syrian government has advanced into the country’s last rebel stronghold in northern Syria. Following the more than 6 million refugees already caused by the war, the United Nations on Monday said half of a million more have been displaced since Dec. 1, 80% of them women and children. 

Resumption of flight services at Aleppo Airport brings hope to hundreds of thousands people who have been displaced from their home and are forced to sleep in freezing cold temperatures. 

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