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I apologise to Tarishi’s parents, India, says politician father of Dhaka attacker

Father of Rohan Imtiaz, one of the seven perpetrators who carried out the Dhaka massacre, has apologised to Tarishi Jain's parents.

India TV News Desk Published on: July 06, 2016 13:08 IST
Rohan Imtiaz
Image Source : PTI Rohan Imtiaz

Dhaka: Shocked by the revelation that his 21-year-old son Rohan Imtiaz was one of the attackers who carried out the horrifying terror attack at a Dhaka bakery that killed 20 people, including an Indian woman named Tarishi Jain, the politician of the ruling Awami League (AL) has now apologised to Tarishi Jain’s parents. 

“An Indian girl was killed in the attack, I can only apologise to India and to her parents ...I can only say I am an unfortunate father. I don't have enough words to apologise,” Imtiaz Khan Babul told NDTV. 

Imtiaz Khan said that he was shocked when he came to know that his son Rohan, whom he always saw as a class topper, a football fanatic and a Man U supporter, was one of the perpetrators of last week’s Dhaka massacre. 

“I identified my son from a picture released by the ISIS...I was stunned ...,” said Khan. 

He further said that Rohan had left home last December and never came back till the terrifying attack at Dhaka’s Holey Artisan Bakery. According to him, Rohan had left home on December 30 last year saying that he was leaving for the BRAC University, where he was enrolled. 

Tarishi Jain, one of the 20 hostages killed by the suspected ISIS terrorists during the Dhaka terror attack, was a student at UC Berkely in the US and was in Dhaka to visit her father. Her last rites were performed in Gurgaon on Tuesday. 

Dismayed with revelation and death of his son Rohan, Khan wondered, “Where did he get his training, where did he go during the last six months?”

It was surprising to know that all the attackers were highly educated and from rich families. Even Rohan had graduated from Scholastica, one of Bangladesh’s most expensive schools, and was enrolled at the BRAC University. 

According to Imtiaz Khan, Rohan had left home on December 30 last year saying that he was leaving for the university.

“We tried looking for him everywhere and finally on the January 2, I registered a case with the police. His mobile was switched off, and he was not on social media at all. We put out several messages on Facebook asking him come back,” he said. 

Khan said that he never noticed anything unusual in Rohan’s behaviour nor did he he get any indication about his son’s involvement in radical Islam. 

“I never saw him reading or accessing any Jihadi material. We have a common computer. But he had a mobile. I don't know whether he was reading jihadi material through that. Someone must have planted these thoughts in his head,” he said.    

The 10-hour-long siege at the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka’s high-security diplomat area was ended after the Bangladeshi security forces stormed into the bakery killing Rohan and five other attackers. One was taken alive and is currently being interrogated. 


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