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India TV Samvaad on Modi Govt's Four Years: We won't try to bring down Kumaraswamy govt in Karnataka, says Amit Shah

Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan and Congress' Prithviraj Chavan share the stage to take stock of four years of Modi Govt

Reported by: India TV News Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: May 19, 2018 21:57 IST ]

BJP President Amit Shah at India TV Samvaad

The scale of Narendra Modi-led BJP's victory in the Lok Sabha elections four years ago filled the fans and critics with expectations of a major boost of impetus in the governance, using an unprecedented Lok Sabha majority in recent years. In the years since, Modi's government has lived up to expectations in terms of the amount of energy it has brought to policymaking — but has those policies helped people? Has Narendra Modi government, despite its hyperactivity both at the domestic and international front, lived up to the expectations of the people? 

India TV  put the nation's legislators on the stand to question them about their achievements and their failures in past four years at special conclave - India TV Samvaad. The one day-long mega conclave tried to measure the Modi government’s performance in last four years in comparison to the promises that the BJP made in its 2014 manifesto. India TV Samvaad also aimed to highlight the agenda and expectations for Modi government’s remaining term of one- year.

The Narendra Modi government will complete four years in office on May 26, 2018.

An impressive gathering of high profile delegates including top Corporate honchos, Media personalities and other Newsmakers from across the country added a most anticipated layer for the avid political watchers & analysts through this initiative. The political bigwigs who  attended the event included Rajnath Singh, Suresh Prabhu, Ravi Shankar Prasad and Nitin Gadkari, among others.

As It Happened:

08:43 pm: Why will Modi ji stand before Rahul Gandhi? He should first give an account of how much has he spoken in the Parliament till now

08:41 pm: We have formed government in many states defying anti-incumbency sentiments: Amit Shah

08:40 pm: We will not make any efforts to bring down Congress govt in Karnataka. however, such govts do not last for longer period: Amit Shah

08:35 pm: In 2019, we'll form govt with a bigger majority than 2014, says Amit Shah

08: 32 pm: In 2019, we'll win all parliamentary seats in Karnataka, says Amit Shah

08:30 pm: Unilateral ceasefire in J&K is for civilians, not for terrorists. Security forces are free to retaliate if they are attacked by terrorists: Amit Shah

08: 29 pm: After surgical strikes, world changed its perception of India: Amit Shah

08:28 pm: I don't take Rahul Gandhi seriously, says Amit Shah 

08:27 pm: Congress trying to break country in the name caste: Amit Shah

08: 28 pm:In Kathua rape case, BJP workers calls for justice only, they didn't ask for shielding any body: Amit Shah

08: 26 pm: Unnao rape case was handed over to CBI, we didn't shield anybody: Amit Shah

08: 24 pm: Dalits are the biggest beneficiaries of Mudra scheme: Amit Shah

08:22 pm: Dr BR Ambedkar was not given Bharat Ratna under Congress regime: Amit Shah

08: 18 pm: If an atmosphere of fear exists in the country then it is only for corrupt elements and traitors: Amit Shah

08:17 pm: Rahul Gandhi should come up with proof if loans of any industrialists have been waived off: Amit Shah

08:16: We have waived off loans of farmers in many states but we haven't waived off loans of any industrialist: Amit Shah

08:10 pm: In UP, the three parties-SP, BSP and Congress- will not be able to fight BJP: Amit Shah

08:09 pm: The Congress has joined hands with JD(S) against whom they had fought elections. An unholy alliance is coming to power in Karnataka: Amit Shah

08:06 pm: We'll not lose even one seat in Uttar Pradesh in 2019 elections: Amit Shah

08:05 pm: Congress has developed a new theory of seeing victory in defeat, says Amit Shah

08:04 pm: Congress, JD(S) succeeded in manipulation in Karnataka, says Amit Shah

08:03 pm: We succeeded in getting mandate, we are only 7 seats away from majority in Karnataka: Amit Shah

08:01 pm: Mandate in Karnataka was against Congress, says Amit Shah

08:00 pm: India TV Samvaad session begins with Amit Shah

07:35 pm: Modi govt didn't fulfill its promises in last 4 years, says Rajiv Tyagi

07: 30 pm: Congress should disclose Robert Vadra's qualifications, What is impotant- dynasty or democracy, says Guarav Bhatia

07:23 pm: Congress will soon be ousted from two states where they are in power, says Gaurav Bhatia

07:18 pm: India TV Samvaad session begins with Gaurav Bhatia (BJP), Rajiv Tyagi(Congress)

06:45 pm: Govt saved Rs 86 lakh crore through Direct Benefit Transfers, says Sambit Patra

06:40 pm: The elephant (BSP party symbol) is very strong, it will trample BJP, says Sudhindra Bhadoria

06:30 pm: Our leaders cry for the farmers, Congress leaders don't care for them, says Sambit Patra

06:25 pm: I have never seen such 'rejoicing after rejection' as I saw today in Karnataka, says Sambit Patra

06:20 pm: Karnataka is Congress party's ATM, frustration over closure of ATM forced Congress to support JD(S), says Sambit Patra

06:15 pm: ​Whats App should have been named as 'Rajiv Gandhi muft gup-shup yojana' to impress Congress, says Sambit Patra

06:10 pm: Sambit Patra should not talk about unity of Opposition because the people of the country have come together now, says Sudhindra Bhadoria

06:08 pm: Modi ji should understand the struggles of a common man if he has been a tea vendor, but his decisions make the common man struggle: Priyanka

06:06 pm: BJP workers always talk about the journey of Modi ji from a tea vendor to the prime minister, did Manmohan Singh ji belong to any political dynasty? : Priyanka

06:04 pm: Rahul Gandhi has succeded in exposing Bharatiya Janata Party as Bhartiya Jhootha Party.

06:02 pm: Rahul Gandhi firing from Kumaraswamy's shoulders in Karnataka, says Sambit Patra

​06:00 pm: India TV Samvaad session begins with Sambit Patra (BJP), Priyanka Chaturvedi (Congress), Sudhindra Bhadoria (BSP)

05:42 pm: Karnataka developments show Rahul Gandhi can't lead Opposition in 2019, someone like Kumaraswamy will be propped up, says Sushanshu Trivedi

05: 37 pm: On Rahul Gandhi's corruption charges against PM Modi, Manish Tewari said Congress president had said it earlier in parliament, adding proof will be tabled in this regard in course of time. 

05:33 pm: There were diverse views within Congress on CJI impeachment, says Manish Tewari

05:20 pm: We should stand by the Constitutional principle. It is the responsibility of the governor to invite the single largest party, says Manish Tewari

05:19 pm: The Only aim of Congress is to obstruct the BJP and PM Narendra Modi, says Sudhanshu Trivedi

05:17 pm: BJP had previously formed alliance with Nitish Kumar and today they are objecting to Congress-JD(S) alliance, says Manish Tewari

05:15 pm: We cannot rely on an audio that is being circulated, the technical department should check the authenticity of the tape, says Sudhanshu Trivedi

5:12 pm:The governor has not taken the democracy seriously and thus he should be removed: Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari

05:11 pm: The Supreme Court has said that the governor should take note of which alliance can provide a stable government to a state: Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari

05:10 pm: BS Yeddyurappa has already resigned, now the Governor of Karnataka should also resign as he killed the democracy: Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari

05:09 pm: Congress and JD(S) entered into alliance within 20 minutes while the Karnataka vote counting was still on and this is not how a democracy works: Sudhanshu Trivedi

05:08 pm: India TV Samvaad session begins with Manish Tewari and Sudhanshu Trivedi

04:05 pm: Congress has robbed the country till now, says Meenakshi Lekhi

​04:04 pm: PM Modi has failed in curbing corruption in country, says Rashid Alvi

04:01 pm:  India TV Samvaad session begins with Meenakshi Lekhi and  and Rashid Alvi

​03:55 pm: The Central govt can't run by misleading the country, they will have to present their report card for the last 4 years: RPN Singh

​03:47 pm: Rahul Gandhi is not heard by leaders of his own party, they are not ready to accept him as their party president: Mahesh Sharma

03:45 pm: Nirav Modi made fraudulent withdrawals because Congress did not keep a watch when they were in power: Mahesh Sharma

03:44 pm: Congress is continuously losing elections under Rahul Gandhi's leadership, says Dr Mahesh Sharma

03:43 pm: PM Modi is fulfilling commitments made by him and we will work untill progress is achieved, says Mahesh Sharma

03:40 pm: How can we have two different rules for Goa and Karnataka, says RPN Singh

03:38 pm: BJP trying to buy MLAs in Karnataka; RPN Singh

03:35 pm: Then why different yardstick was applied in Goa, asks RPN Singh of Congress

03:34 pm: People of Karnataka made BJP single largest party in the state. Why it should not be given the opportunity to form the government: Dr Mahesh Sharma

03:31: India TV Samvaad session begins with Dr Mahesh Sharma and RPN Singh

03:00 pm: India TV Samvaad will resume after Karnataka Assembly floor test. (Follow live updates here)

02:56 pm: India TV Samvaad session with Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad ends

02:56 pm: People are happy with us, but we can't please Rahul Gandhi: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:55 pm: In four years, PM Modi has earned the highest honours from four countries: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:54 pm: The biggest achievement by Law Ministry in past four years in that no one can give bribe in India now: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:52 pm: The issue of triple talaq relates to women empowerment and we have made laws on it: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:49 pm: Triple Talaq is matter of women dignity and honour, Congress has been blocking the law on irrelevant issues: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:45 pm: 'Rahul Gandhi trying to run govt from courtroom', Ravi Shankar Prasad on Karnataka crisis

02:44 pmI do not say that there is no transparency in the judiciary of the country, but it needs improvement: Union Minister

02:44 pm: Need improvements in the judiciary, transparency is essential: Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:43 pm: The govt has the right to review the SC collegium appointments, there should be no objection to that: Union Law minister

02:42 pm: Rahul Gandhi is unnecessarily raising the Judge Loya death case in Raipur: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:42 pm: The main issue is neither Rahul Gandhi nor his team does not do their homework and when he tweets, they get caught: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:40 pm: Congress challenges the verdict of the country's top court and gives irrelevant statements: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:39 pm: Congress leaders should make Rahul Gandhi understand that election is a separate process but he should uphold the dignity of the country. Rahul Gandhi's comparison between the situation in Karnataka and Pakistan shamed the nation and gave strength to Pakistanis: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:39 pm: It is natural that Rahul Gandhi is not taken seriously in the country: Ravi Shankar Prasad on Karnataka crisis

02:38 pm: Congress has no faith in its own MLAs, forget about people's faith in them: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:38 pm: The decision of Karnataka will be taken during the floor test today and so we cannot say anything as of now: Ravi Shankar Prasad on Karnataka crisis

02:37 pm: Congress and JD(S) came into an alliance while the counting of votes in Karnataka elections was underway, they were aware that the BJP was ahead of them in seats: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Karnataka crisis

02:36 pm: Rahul Gandhi loses elections in all states: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Karnataka crisis

02:35 pm: In Goa, we did not ask Congress to nap when we went to stake the claim to power: Ravi Shankar Prasad

02:32 pm: Ravi Shankar Prasad on Karnataka Crisis: Republic runs by people's mandate and not just numbers, how is it justified that they are trying to make a government when their CM candidate has lost from one of the seats by a margin of 36000 votes.

02:31 pm:  What has the Congress gained? They approached the Supreme Court midnight and returned empty-handed: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Karnataka crisis

02:30 pm: Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad takes the stage in India TV Samvaad

Watch full video of India TV Samvaad session with Ram Vilas Paswan and Prithviraj Chavan

02:24 pm: When the country was getting independence, Jinnah Sahab chose to make a separate country for Muslims, while Baba Saheb Ambedkar chose the country and drafted a Constitution for the rights of Dalits: Ram Vilas Paswan on why elite Dalits do not abandon their reservation rights.

02:23 pm: PM Modi has been serving the country for 4 years and Congress and been under governance for 70 years, we are still working for the development of the nation: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan

02:22 pm: PM Modi's style of functioning a threat to democracy, says Congress' Prithviraj Chavan

02:21 pm: It is unfortunate that PM Modi is not ready to talk about anything to the people of the country, he takes his own decision on sensitive issues like note ban and GST: Congress' Prithviraj Chavan

02:20 pm: It is not about PM visiting several states and nations, he should talk about the condition of the country: Congress' Prithviraj Chavan

02:20 pm: We have never seen another prime minister visiting 5 states in a single day: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan 

02:19 pm: PM Modi takes decisions without any expert advice, can you say honestly that any of his policies have helped people or economy: Prithviraj Chavan

02:16 pm: PM Narendra Modi must be having good qualities that have helped him become the prime minister of the country: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan 

02:15 pm: I can say none of are scared: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan 

02:14 pm: The way decisions are taken in Cabinet are not in favour of the nation. Only a handful people take the decision, if you ask them privately Union ministers will tell you that no one consults them, even they are scared to share their thoughts and plight: Prithviraj Chavan

02:14 pm: The perspective of BJP has changed today and they have made BS Yeddyurappa the chief minister of Karnataka: Congress' Prithviraj Chavan

02:14 pm: BS Yeddyurappa had gone to jail on corruption charges and the BJP had earlier decided to not include him in the race for CM face: Congress' Prithviraj Chavan

02:13 pm: Note ban has created an impression of balance in the minds of the poor, because they saw the rich struggling: Union Minister 

02:13 pm: There are a number of leaders in BJP but Narendra Modi ji is the one who helps us win any election: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan 

02:12 pm: Major leaders of NDA are leaving its sides, allies like Shiv Sena, TDP have left as they know where it is headed: Prithviraj Chavan

02:11 pm: Opposition parties should stop thinking about 2019, they should only think about 2024: Ram Vilas Paswan

02:10 pm: There is no question of BJP emerging victorious in 2019 elections, the country has now come to know about Modi ji: Congress' Prithviraj Chavan

02:10 pm: PM Modi won 2014 elections with only 30 per cent votes, BJP cannot win elections in 2019: Prithviraj Chavan

02:07 pm: There is no opposition in the country, no one wants to get behind Rahul Gandhi, says Ram Vilas Paswan

02:06 pm: Our well wishes are always there with Rahul Gandhi ji and we have never talked of him in a humorous manner: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan 

02:05 pm: Development is the issue in politics throughout the country but caste is what people talk about in Bihar: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan 

02:02 pm: Leaders of different political parties claim victory ahead of any state elections, however, it is on the people to decide the government: Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan 

02:01 pm: India TV Samvaad LIVE with Ram Vilas Paswan and Prithviraj Chavan: Is 'Modi-wave' intact or fading?

02:00 pm: 'Modi wave' - intact or fading: Union Minister Ramvilas Paswan and Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan to face questions on India TV Samvaad next 

01: 52pm: Congress, JD(S) have similar ideology: Raj Babbar

01:50 pm: Girls are being beaten up in BHU, Police is indulging in goondaism in AMU: Raj Babbar

01:48 pm: Modi govt has started the tradition of forming governments despite not having majority: Raj Babbar

01:46 pm: Modi govt has weakened institutions in the country, says Raj Babbar of Congress

01:46 pm: India TV Samvaad session with Randeep Surjewala and Suresh Prabhu ends

Watch full video of India TV Samvaad session with Randeep Surjewala and Suresh Prabhu 

01:40 pm: When will the "achhe din" come? People are saying- Achhe din are coming, Modi govt is going: Surjewala

01:39 pm: We have fulfilled many promises in last 4 years. We'll fulfill remaining promises in last one year: Surjewala

01:38 pm: Rahul Gandhi is fighting for Congress and the in the national interest: Surjewala

01:37 pm: No foreign investment came in the country in last 4 years: Surjewala

01:31 pm: Modi govt raised excise duty 11 times in last 4 years: Surjewala

01:31 pm: PM Modi has left the country at the mercy of God: Surjewala

01:29 pm: What happened to PM Modi's promise of putting Rs 15 lakh each in everybody's account: Surjewala

01:25 pm: We don't make policies keeping in mind elections only: Prabhu

01:21 pm: Speakers are appointed under constitutional provisions for last 70 years in this country: Suresh Prabhu

01:20 pm: Congress formed alliance in Karnataka to prevent BJP from forming govt: Suresh Prabhu

01:19 pm: There can't be 2 rules and 2 constitution in this country: Randeep Surjewala on the ongoing power-struggle in Karnataka

01:17 pm: Pro-tem speaker appointed in Karnataka as part of BJP's strategy: Surjewala

01:16 pm: There was no investment in last 4 years, infaltion was high: Suresh Prabhu

01:15 pm: Things have changed a lot in last 4 years, says Suesh Prabhu

01:12 pm: Union Minister Suresh Prabhu and Randeep Surjewala up next

01:12 pm: India TV Samvaad opening session with Home Minister Rajnath Singh ends

Watch full video: 

01:11 pm: Overall, I am proud that there was no major terrorist incident in past four years, but we need to continuously make efforts for peace : Rajnath Singh 

01:09 pm: The extremism in NorthEast cut down by 75 per cent, similarly Maoism has been confined to a limited front, have made strides in Kashmir too: Rajnath Singh on what he is proud of as Home Minister

01:07 pm: I do not claim that we have resolved all challenges being faced by the farmers, but we have worked to cut down most of their problems: Home Minister 

01:05 pm: We cannot help our farmers financially on just the basis of agriculture, we are working on the other steps that can bring profit to them: Home Minister 

01:02 pm: Instead, the farmers ought to get proper MSPs for their crop. Within two years we will ensure that all farmers get at least 150% of their cost: Rajnath Singh

01:02 pm: Loan-waiver is not an appropriate solution to farmer's problems: Rajnath Singh

01:01 pm: Farmers take loan as per their requirements and the govt waives off farm loans as per the situation, however this is not the solution. We must work on providing maximum profit to the farmers: Home Minister 

01:01 pm: Charge on Rajnath Singh: Farmers are debt-ridden under his rule

12:57 pm: Suggestions on women empowerment can be given to the Home Minister through home ministry email and we are willing to work on those: Home Minister

12:57 pm: No govt considers women as showpiece and we respect the women of the country: Home Minister

12:56 pm: The govt cannot halt or expedite the execution of a criminal: Home Minister on mere pronouncing death sentence to Nirbhaya case convicts

12:53 pm: We want to create a sense of confidence among the minorities; I do not believe that the Muslim community is living in fear: Home Minister

12:51 pm: BJP govt does not shelter any fringe elements attacking minorities, women: Rajnath SIngh

12:50 pm: The individual state govts should strengthen their police force and should train them in the appropriate direction: Home Minister 

12:47 pm: Can't claim that all BJP leaders are honest, but will take strict action against those found guilty: Rajnath Singh on Unnao and Kathua rape cases

12:46 pm: There is a lot still needs to be done to ensure safety for women in India. Other than the actions being taken by the govt, there is a strong need for the people to change their mindset to cut down rape cases in the country: Home Minister Rajnath Singh

12:45 pm: We have made strict rules against crime against women, especially children. But we also need the support of state government: Rajnath Singh

12:45 pm:  I will not comment on if the number of cases on women exploitation has increased or decreased, but I can say that there is much more that needs to be done yet: Home Minister

12:45 pm:  Charge against Rajnath Singh: The crime against women have increased under his rule

12:43 pm: Pakistan has never stopped its activities on the border, Indian Army soldiers always give a befitting reply: Rajnath Singh

12:42 pm: I have to think about what is better for the nation, do not want to give any public statement which might instigate public emotions: Rajnath Singh

12:41 pm: Rajnath Singh refuses to give a public statement on India's possibility of attacking and including PoK and removing Article 370

12:37 pm: Facts are a proof that the situation in Jammu and Kashmir has improved: Home Minister

12:36 pm: The reason to announce the ceasefire violation is to avoid civilian casualties during Ramzaan: Rajnath Singh 

12:32 pm:  Naxals exploit the rights and emotions of the poor and take away their wealth: Home Minister

12:32 pm: We have also taken actions against Maoists that are active in different states of the country and have witnessed a decline in the number of such incidents in recent past: Home Minister

12:32 pm: Maoists manipulate poor people to rebel against development while their children study comfortably in renowned schools: Rajnath Singh

12:31 pm: Do not want to indulge in comparisons but the nation knows what kind of development has taken place in Kashmir and Maoism hit areas: Rajnath Singh

12:30 pm: We have forgiven several stone-pelters as many of they are misled pre-teens: Rajnath Singh

12:28 pm: Army has to show patience as the people across other states also get enraged and attack other security forces: Rajnath Singh

12:27 pm: We will always give befitting response to the terrorist activities at the border but we refrain from targeting the innocent civilians of the neighbouring country: Home Minister

12:27 pm: I want to make it clear that our jawans at the border will not sit quietly in case there are any attacks from the neighbouring country at the border: Rajnath Singh

12:27 pm: We have not done ceasefire on anyone's directions, it was a well though-of decision to let people celebrate a pious festival: Rajnath Singh

12:26 pm: Army shows patience wherever possible, even if they have to take one or two stone on themselves: Rajnath Singh

12:25 pm: Have not tied hands of Army, they will take action if any information is received or they are attacked

12;24 pm: The decision to announce ceasefire during Ramzaan was well thought of, Kashmir and Kashmiris have always been ours and will always be ours: Rajnath Singh

12:24 pm: Second charge on Rajnath Singh: Terrorists are roaming free under his rule

12:21 pm: After everything PM Narendra Modi has done for the nation, we are confident that people will cast their votes in his favour in 2019:  Rajnath ISngh

12:20 pm: The decision to appoint Narendra Modi as PM candidate has served BJP and nation very well. Today we have broken all records of development, including the FDI: Rajnath Singh on initial internal resistance with the party for Modi's candidature. 

12:19 pm: People have faith in Narendra Modi govt, caste creed and other parameters do not matter anymore. The decisive factor are real issues now: Rajnath Singh

12:18 pm: No matter how many opposition parties come together for 2019 Lok Sabha polls, people's mandate is with PM Modi: Rajnath Singh

12:18 pm: Amit Shah has got great organisational skills and is hard working, which is why he gains victory: Home Minister Rajnath on BJP taking over maximum states of the country

12:17 pm: The central government is working for the welfare of the people and the country lays its faith in PM Modi today: Home Minister 

12:16 pm: BS Yeddyurappa is confident of forming his government, let us wait till 4 pm: Home Minister

12:16 pm: We cannot even imagine weakening the democracy of the nation. A weak person cannot take the country forward. PM Modi is working hard for the country: Home Minister 

12:15 pm: Rahul Gandhi ji speaks a lot of things, I chose not to comment on his statements: Home Minister

12:15 pm: BJP leaders have never obstructed Rahul Gandhi in Parliament and no one is stopping him to speak: Home Minister on Rahul Gandhi's 15-minute parliament challenge

12:14 pm: 'He could not have written it', Rajnath Singh on a poem shared by Rahul Gandhi on Twitter

12:13 pm: The desired development is not possible without a stable government thus we try to bring all MLAs together to form a government: Rajnath Singh on BJP's unique post-poll politics in recent state elections

12:09 pm: Allegations regarding offering money to different party leaders are baseless: Home Minister

12:08 pm: People belonging to different political parties are in fear that their party MLAs will switch with another party: Home Minister

12:07 pm: Ask SC judges why they came out against CJI: Rajnath Singh

12:06 pm: No one can deny that BJP has won a clear mandate in Karnataka: Rajnath Singh

12:05 pm: Not just security, the Indian economy has also advanced in pats years. India will soon become the third biggest economy in the world: Rajnath Singh

12:04 pm: The economy of the country is being established after a long time and our economy will be among the top 3 soon: Home Minister

12:05 pm: Instead of fear, there is a sense of confidence in people. Perhaps those who have done something wrong do have fear: Rajnath Singh

12:04 pm: First charge against HM Rajnath Singh: There is a sense of fear in the nation under his rule

12:00 pm: Home Minister Rajnath Singh takes stand in Rajat Sharma's 'Aap ki Adalat'

11:35 am: India TV Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma to grill Home Minister Rajnath Singh on BJP policies shortly

Watch video: IndiaTV Samvaad on 4 years of Modi govt

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