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Jai Hind | India TV day-long mega conclave: Indian citizenship should be a matter of pride, says Kumar Vishwas Read In Hindi

India TV's full-day conclave Jai Hind With India TV brought some of the biggest political names together on a platform to set agenda for the Independence Day speech.

Reported by: India TV News Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: August 13, 2018 21:02 IST ]

Rebel AAP leader Kumar Vishwas on IndiaTV Coclave - Jai Hind (Photo/IndiaTV)

India TV's full-day conclave 'Jai Hind With India TV' brought together some of the biggest political names together on a platform to discuss the agenda of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's last Independence Day speech before the country goes to polls in 2019.  

The panelists of various discussion throughout the day included Baba Ramdev, Kumar Vishwas, BJP leaders Kiren Rijiju, Mahesh Sharma, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Sudhanshu Trivedi, GVL Narsimha Rao, Sambit Patra, Congress leaders Manish Tewari, Pramod Tiwari, RPN Singh, Rashid Alvi, Raj Babbar, Pawan Khera, RSS ideologue Rakesh Sinha, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind president Maulana Arshad Madani and other personalities. 

Highlights of 'Jai Hind With India TV': 

Tenth Session: Poet-turned-politician Kumar Vishwas shares his experience in Aam Aadmi Party and other issues 

08:41 pm: Indian citizenship should be a matter of pride for those who have it. People long for a citizenship in the US, says Kumar Vishwas

08:40 pm: Sadly, judgemental politics has taken centre stage these days, says Kumar Vishwas

08:39 pm: What happened in Muzaffarpur was a crime against humanity. Nitish Kumar should be criticised for his prolonged silence but it was equally wrong to hold a candle march in Delhi's Jantar Mantar over the incident, says Kumar Vishwas

08:37 pm: It was not right on Rahul Gandhi's part to wink inside Parliament, but there are several other important issues to be discussed, says Kumar Vishwas

08:35 pm: There are several politics school in the country. I am a student of Atal Bihari Vajpayee school of politics, says Kumar Vishwas

08:30 pm: None of the parties have democracy within them, says rebel AAP leader Kumar Vishwas.

Ninth Session: Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad discusses various issues, including Triple Talaq and mob lynching

08:24 pm: Our government is working hard to make India a developed nation and we will continue to do so, says Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

08:21 pm: Will the Opposition decided when and how the PM should talk, says Ravi Shankar Prasad on Opposition's charge the PM Modi doesn't talk to the media often

08:19 pm: Government is not going to monitor anyone's eating habit but sentiments of everyone must also be respected, says Ravi Shankar Prasad.

08:18 pm: Incidents of lynching are unacceptable. State governments must take strict action against those involved as law and order is under their purview, says Ravi Shankar Prasad.

08:11 pm: Our government strengthened SC/ST Act. The Supreme Court's ruling over SC/ST Act was not acceptable, says Ravi Shankar Prasad.

08:10: Is India some kind of a 'dharmshaala' that anyone can enter and stay back? A few people want infiltrators to stay here just for vote bank, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

08:05 pm: The matter of Tripe Talaq is not about a particular religion or caste. I would urge parties to stop politicising it, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

08:00 pm: No middleman can enter into government offices these days, says Ravi Shankar Prasad .

Eighth Session: Union Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju discusses whether NRC will lead to civil war, as suggested by Mamata Banerjee 

07:46 pm: By 2018 end, border with Pakistan, Bangladesh will be completely sealed, says Kiren Rijiju

07:44 pm: In a democracy, everyone has the right to speak their mind. It is impossible to clarify on each and every statement, says Kiren Rijiju

07:40 pm: Law and order is a state issue. PM Modi doesn't look after issues concerning law and order. The PM has repeatedly said that incidents like mob lynching would not be tolerated, says Kiren Rijiju

07:35 pm: We can't let Rohingyas stay in India. We are in touch with Myanmar, Bangladesh governments over the issue. Rohingyas are being used for anti-India propaganda, says Kiren Rijiju

07:31 pm: No Indian citizen will be affected by NRC. People with valid proof will not touched but illegal immigrants would be shown the door, says Kiren Rijiju

07:29 pm: Wrong for a CM like Mamata Banerjee to use terms like 'civil war'. India is for Indians and not for infiltrators, says Kiren Rijiju

07:27 pm: NRC should have started years ago. There's no opposition to NRC in Assam. How can anyone question the Supreme Court's decision over NRC, says Kiren Rijiju

​WATCH Full Session Video:

Seventh Session: BJP's Sambit Patra and Congress' Pawan Khera debate whether 2019 is Modi vs all battle 

07:10 pm: From Muzaffarpur to Kathua to Kannauj, BJP has been protecting people involved and named in rape cases. A few days ago, MoS Railways Rajen Gohain was named in a rape case. Did PM Modi say anything? Did he tweet anything? But he tweets on various other issues. He (Modi is a Twitter PM), says Congress leader Pawan Khera

07:05 pm: Will Rahul Gandhi be the Grand Alliance's face in 2019? Why don't they declare that Rahul Gandhi will be the PM candidate, asks BJP's Sambit Patra

07:01 pm: It was BJP which had approached the BJP to bloc NRC.  2019 will be a big speed-breaker for the BJP, says Pawan Khera

06:52 pm: As far as Bangladeshi infiltrators are concerned, I would like to assert that Indians have first right over the country's resources and not them, says Sambit Patra

06:47 pm: All these years, Congress has done nothing but sold India. It was Rajiv Gandhi who had said that the NRC would be updated by nothing was done for 30 years, says Sambit Patra

06:45 pm: BJP built a new 7-star headquarters in Delhi spending Rs 1500 crore. From where the money is flowing, asks Pawan Khera 

06:37 pm: Who knows Robert Vadra may be owning land on Mars as well, says Sambit Patra

06:35 pm: Ask them about Rafale, farmers other issues they have no answer to any of those, says Congress leader Pawan Khera

06:30 pm: No one but Modi will be the PM in 2019. PM means P- Performance, M-Mehnat and at present only one person is doing both and it is Narendra Modi, says BJP's Sambit Patra. 

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Sixth Session: Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi - Who will emerge victorious in 2019? - Yoga Guru Ramdev in discussion with Saurav Sharma

06:18 pm: Lynching incidents are regretful but it is wrong to say PM Modi is not doing enough, says Ramdev

06:16 pm: Opposition leaders are not terrorists that I shouldn't talk to them. But I haven't met Rahul Gandhi yet, he hasn't come to me so far, says Ramdev

06:14 pm: No one living illegally in the country should be allowed to stay here be it Rohingyas or Bangladeshis. It can have serious implications on country's unity and security, says Ramdev

06:12 pm: Even Amit Shah, PM Modi say 'Congress-mukt Bharat', they never say 'Vipakh-mukt Bharat', says Ramdev

06:10 pm: It's always better to have a strong opposition. A strong opposition will always keep reminding the government of its promises. It is important to have a formidable opposition of a healthy democracy, says Ramdev

06:07 pm: It is true that Rahul Gandhi has started to work hard nowadays. He gave a fantastic speech in Lok Sabha but his 'wink' ruined it all, says Ramdev

06:04 pm: I have no differences with Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi or anyone else. My prime objective to throw out the foreign companies out of India, says Ramdev

​06:00 pm: Narendra Modi is the most capable leader to lead the country, says Yoga Guru Ramdev

​WATCH: Full Session Video

Fifth Session: Congress leader Raashid Alvi, Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha and Maulana Mahmood Madani, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind discuss how Muslims see PM Modi

05:50 pm: People of the country do not trust the government's claim of development, says Congress leader Raashid Alvi

05:48 pm: For the first time in the country, wealth creation is being done. This government is working for all-round development of the country, says Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha

05:40 pm: The Modi government is working on several long-term schemes, says Rajya Sabha MP Rakesh Sinha

05:34 pm: Why the BJP is not going ahead and building Ram mandir in Ayodhya, asks Raashid Alvi.

05:32 pm: In 2014, BJP got only 32 per cent vote despite they were at the peak of their popularity. Congress never indulges in Hindu-Muslim politics, says senior Congress leader Raashid Alvi

05:20 pm:  RSS volunteers have been helping people during natural calamities without asking about their caste or religion. RSS only wants to let people to connect with India's culture,  says Rakesh Sinha

05:13 pm: I agree that Muslims in India are in a comfortable position but situation has deteriorated in the last four years, says Congress leader Raashid Alvi

05:10 pm: The condition of Muslims in India is far better than those in Indian sub-continent. IT it wrong to say that Muslims are endangered. Indian culture is different and it is the specialty of this culture that all are living together since ages,  says Maulana Mahmood Madani

05:05 pm: The BJP is neither with the Muslim nor with the Hindus. They claim to build Ram Mandir, I want to ask what steps have been taken for that. What steps PM Modi has taken to stop lynchings, says Raashid Alvi of Congress

05:02 pm: You name any one scheme launched by PM Modi which favours only one community. The topic of debate should be Modi and people of India and not Modi and Muslims. The Opposition has a habit of  seeing everything with prism of Hindu-Muslim, says Rakesh Sinha

Fourth Session: Will Rahul Gandhi able to challenge Narendra Modi in 2019? with Congress leader Raj Babbar and BJP's Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

04:48 pm: We aren't worried with Mahagathbandhan. We only are concerned about weeding out ills done by the Congress over the past so many years. Soon after coming to power, we stopped the VIP culture by ordering removal of red beacons on cars, says Mukhtar Naqvi

04:45 pm: Why are you so nervous about Mahagathbandhan? Have you already accepted defeat? People will decide who will win in 2019. If anyone from Congress will become the PM, it will be Rahul Gandhi: Raj Babbar

04:43 pm: Congress worked to empower the farmers and but this government has been working only to favour industrialists, says Raj Babbar 

04:40 pm:  We can't match the feudal mentality of the Congress. PM Modi is working to eradicate the effects ill done by the Congress, says BJP's Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

04:37 pm: You people ask what the Congress has done in last 55 years. HMT, Maruti car factory, IITs all were given by the Congress. What has the Modi government done in the last four years, asks Raj Babbar

04:34 pm: Arrogance is bad in politics. People will give the BJP a befitting reply. If there has been no corruption in Rafale deal then why are you running away from responding to questions being put, says Raj Babbar

04:30 pm: Rajiv Gandhi was directly involved in Bofors Scam, says Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. Has any court said what you are claiming, asks Raj Babbar

04:20 pm: What was the need to purchase a fighter jet for Rs 1650 crore which was available for Rs 500 crore? This is what Rahul Gandhi has been asking but the government is yet to respond: Raj Babbar

04:13 pm: The Congress is yet to come to terms that Narendra Modi has become the PM. Soon after he became the prime minister an 'award wapsi gang' suddenly starts claiming that India has become intolerant.  What happened in JNU? All these incidents were planned to paint a negative picture of the Modi government, says Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

04:11 pm: PM Modi has now forgot to mention his pet schemes like Make in India, Skill India and others because all such efforts have been  a big failure. Even a mattress is ordered from China for PM Modi's event, says Raj Babbar 

04:08 pm: The Modi government ample job opportunities in last four years but only Rahul Gandhi is jobless, says BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

04:05 pm: Rahul Gandhi can pose no challenge to PM Modi in 2019. People have seen his winking, hugging style but no one has seen any serious achievement of him, says Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

​04:02 pm: Rahul Gandhi is asking PM Modi the questions the people want to ask, but he is keeping mum, says Congress' Raj Babbar

​WATCH: Full session video

Third Session: 'Modi policy vs Rahul policy' with BJP's GVL Narsimha and Congress' RPN Singh

02:25 pm: India is for Indians, the nationality of the 40 lakh people identified in the NRC is under question. Several of those could be Indian and would be given a fair chance to prove that. But those who are not have found support from Congress and TMC: Narsimha

02:23 pm: On the question of Amit Shah's statement 'Hindu refugees will not face any problem in India', BJP leader Narsimha says: India and Nepal are only countries with Hindu community. The world knows what Hindu minority communities face in Pakistan and Bangladesh. there may not be UN reports about it but we all know. There are not secular countries like us. We are trying to discuss and plan for when they are forced out of those countries. There is a bill in the Parliament for that.

02:20 pm: The BJP has won elections on the basis of promises made by the prime minister, but the party has not fulfilled those: Congress' RPN Singh

02:17 pm: PM Modi has become a leader by hard work and has been chosen to the post, where as your leader has come out of dynastic politics and has been imposed upon others: Narsimha

02:16 pm: The loans that have been taken for income generation include maximum number of women: Narsimha

02:15 pm:  We have taken steps for the women of the country and have provided gas cylinders to them: Narsimha

02:15 pm: The Congress party is unable to accept the fact the a person from a poor family is leading the country today: BJP's Narsimha

02:13 pm: Congress says we do not oppose PM Modi, but you check the profile of Rahul Gandhi and you will find only personal attacks against the prime minister. Several Congress leader have personally targeted PM Modi: GVL Narsimha

02:10 pm: We are not in power and so we are not answerable to the people of the country: Congress RPN Singh

02:08 pm: During our terms, the unfortunate Nirbhaya rape case took place, people were angry with us, but we wnet in midst of them and faced their questions and brought a strict law within days: RPN Singh

02:07 pm: Nation gave overhwleming majority to Modi in 2014 on five promises - 1) bringing lack money back to India, 2) creating jobs, 3) 200 per cent in MSP, 4) end to corruption and 5) ensuring safety of women and girls and the government has failed on all accounts: RPN Singh

02:05 pm: The people of the country had voted in favour of PM Modi on the basis of commitments and promises that he had made, but he has never responded on the questions raised on those: Congress' RPN Singh

02:04 pm: The political journey pf Modi ji has been spotless and he has not done anything for his own personal needs:  BJP leader

02:03 pm: On the basis of records I claim that there has not been any other leader who can match their personality with Modi ji: Narsimha

02:03 pm: Prime Minister Modi ji is taking the country forward on the basis of his hard work. The people have elected him as the prime minister over his work:  BJP leader Narsimha 

02:03 pm: In last four years, PM Modi has realised schemes and plans which were struck for last 70 years: GVL Narsimha 

02:02 pm: The session begins. The moderator is India TV anchor Meenakshi Joshi.

Second session:  'Development or religion: What will be the agenda in 2019?' with BJP's Sudhanshu Trivedi and Congress' Pramod Tiwari

01:59 pm: PM Modi strongly condemned the incidents on lynching. Today garlanding those accused of lynching has become an issue, but in 1984 then PM just said 'when a bigger tree falls, the earth shakes'. He even made those accused of 1984 riots ministers: Sudhanshu Trivedi

01:51 pm: PM Modi speaks on lynching issue but refrains from action on Jayant Sinha who garlanded people accused of  lynching: Pramod Tiwari 

01:49 pm: Can the party which ruled the country for over 50 years explain why India still is unable to develop a fighter jet. We have even launched Manglayaan but unable to make a fighter jet. The LCA Tejas project took over 30 years to be completed, says Sudhanshu Trivedi

01:45 pm: It is our government which had taken the initiative to develop a fighter jet in India. The previous governments were happy procuring it from other countries for obvious reasons, says Sudhanshu Trivedi

01:44 pm: It was France government's decision to pick Reliance to develop Rafale jets in India. The Indian government had role in it, says Sudhanshu Trivedi

01:39 pm: Let me clarify a few things first. The Rafale deal is an agreement between governments of India and France and not between two companies as has been the case under previous governments: Sudhanshu Trivedi

01:37 pm: Companies like Reliance were benefited in Rafale jet deal. Why the government paid over Rs 1000 crore per fighter jet which previously cost Rs 500?  Why HAL was not given the project? asks Pramod Tiwari

01:36 pm: It's the middle class which is suffering  the most due to rising fuel prices but nothing is being. Our government kept the petrol, diesel prices in check despite rising prices in the international marker, says Pramod Tiwari

01:35 pm: People like Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Mehul Choksi used loopholes in rules to flee from the country. But the BJP government has tightened rules, says Sudhanshu Trivedi

01:30 pm: Not a single case was registered against Vijay Mallya under UPA government. Be assured Vijay Mallya will soon be brought to India and would face trial, says BJP's Vijay Mallya

01:24 pm: The BJP is trying to tamper history by alleging that Congress leaders did not contribute in the fight for Independence, says Pramod Tiwari of Congress

01:21 pm: The BJP talks about women empowerment, but has never elected a woman as its party president: Congress' Pramod Tiwari

01:18 pm: Who helped people like Vijay Mallya, Mehul Choksi, Nirav Modi to escape? This government is a travel agency, says Congress leader Pramod Tiwari 

01:17 pm: The measures we have taken for the safety and security of the women are known to all. We are glad that none of the BJP leaders, on a rape incident, commented "men sometimes commit mistakes": Sudhanshu Trivedi

01:15 pm: Why Rahul Gandhi didn't visit temple when he was taking charge of  Congress president post? Rahul Gandhi visits temples only in election season, says Sudhanshu Trivedi 

01:11 pm: We will keep asking questions over the promise of Rs 15 lakh in each account, says Pramod Tiwari

01:05 pm: Election will be fought on the development agenda but religion is an integral aspect of nation-building, says  BJP's Sudhanshu Trivedi 

01:03 pm: The next session - 'Development or religion: What will be the agenda in 2019?' will have BJP's Sudhanshu Trivedi and Congress'  Pramod Tiwai as speakers.

Read full story: Election will be fought on development agenda, but religion is integral for nation-building, says Sudhanshu Trivedi

First session: Kiska Lal Kila (Who will unfurl tricolour at Red Fort next year)? with BJP leader and Union Minister Dr Mahesh Sharma and Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari (12 pm)

12:55 pm: The session ends, next session on 'Development or Religion: What will be the agenda in 2019?' to start shortly.

12:55 pm: The situation in Kashmir is not hidden from the people: Congress Spokesperson

12:55 pm: The government has not fulfilled any promises in terms of financial assistance to the people of the country: Congress Spokesperson's Tewari

12:54 pm: I can't give full descriptions due to constrains of time, but you can ready the documents and they will tell you which government brought myriad of social schemes for benefit of India's women, poor, minorities: BJP's Sharma

12:52 pm: Under UPA, Indian economy's growth rate was seven-plus. When NDA came it changed the base year of calculation of growth rate from 2004-05 to 2010-11 and yet the growth was reduced to six per cent which if calculated from old bases, it will be just four per cent: Tewari

12:47 pm: I can give several examples within BJP where a father was CM and son an MLA while gandson was another leader. There isvast difference between what BJP says and does: Sharma

12:45 pm: Dynasty politics is a blot on democracy. Some parties are ruled by mother and son duo, some by uncle and nephew and others are one-woman party. There is not place for nepotism in BJP, says Sharma

12:44 pm: Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was a taller leader than PM Modi, also lost elections in 2004 despite India Shining campaign, thus anything can happen in politics: Tewari

12:44 pm: If BJP is confident of winning the polls alone then why do they 47 parties in their alliance: Tewari

12:43 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has provided immense medical assistance to the needy. This has been done by the Modi government: BJP's Sharma

12:42 pm: I would not like to speak anything about Rahul Gandhi ji, the country knows about him: BJP's Sharma

12:40 pm: Triple Talaq was SC-mandated, not a BJP achievement, says Tewari

​12:39 pm: BJP talks about empowerment of the women, while its leaders are accused in rape crimes: Congress leader Tewari

12:37 pm: The prime minister today stands for women empowerment and we are against triple talaq: BJP's Sharma

12:35 pm: The BJP government was formed in the country with complete majority and we have freed India from a number of traditions that were harming the masses​. BJP has given India freedom from political games, caste politics, communal politics, is this not our achievement? Congress used to ask votes in the names of caste and religion, whereas BJP schemes like Ujawala, Stand Up India Start Up India directly benefited Dalits, Muslims: Sharma

12:34 pm: The 2019 elections are going to be challenging and the BJP should worry about not fulfilling commitments: Tewari

12:33 pm: Arrogance should not be there in politics, it is true that we had 2 seats in Uttar Pradesh but the number of seats may increase in the next election: Tewari

12:30 pm: Arrogance in politics is a major mistake. BJP should not forget that the party started its journey with two seats in 1984 and when the public decides against you it's not difficult to come back to two. It is true that we have been reduced to 44 seats. But it is also true that BJP has consecutively lost 11-12 by-elections held recently: Tewari

12:23 pm: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will unfurl tricolour from the Red Fort for the next 20 years: Sharma

12:22 pm: The Congress party is unable to collect votes, this is a result of how they have governed the country for 60 years: Sharma

12:21 pm: Anchor Piyush Padmakar asks: Who will rule Red Fort in 2019 - the four-year party or the 60-year party?

12:19 pm: Nation's defence is not ensured through big speeches, but through taking concrete steps. If the reports produced by committees led by senior BJP leaders then why don't you throw them out: Tewari

​12:18 pm: There should be no politics on the defence and security of the country, but the Opposition does not have any other topic: BJP's Sharma

12:17 pm: Country's like Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives are much smaller than India, they do not have the capacity to threaten India anymore, they beg not warn India: Sharma

12:13 pm: It is proven in the data, that the defense sector of the country has suffered in the past years.  Today Maldives threatens India, Nepal is completely in favour of China, China is developing a waterfron in Colombo today,: Congress' Tewari

12:11 pm: It is the responsibility of the government to preserve the Red Fort - a symbol of national identity: Congress' Tewari

12:10 pm: Mahesh Sharma ji has accepted that there has been a deal with Dalmia: Congress' Tewari

12:10 pm: The money is being deposited in the banks of youth, poor, farmers in the form of schemes: Sharma

12:08 pm: PM Narendra Modi is walking on the path of Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji and nations stand in support of us today: Sharma

12:07 pm: Leaders from across the world warmly greet PM Modi and this brings a feeling of pride in all of us: BJP's Sharma

12:06 pm: The government has taken responsibility of the Red Fort and we are taking care of the monument. We can't turn away the corporate sector if they want to help increase the facilities at the Red Fort as part of their social cooperation: BJP's Mahesh Sharma

12:06 pm: As far as fulfillment of commitments is concerned, I would like to raise question on the promise of depositing 15 lakhs to each bank account: Tewari

12:05 pm: The defence sector of the country has immensely suffered in the past years: Manish Tewari

12:04 pm: The Red Fort holds an importance in the Indian history and if the government claims that it cannot preserve our historical monuments, then how will it secure the nation?: Congress Spokesperson

12:04 pm: You say you have fulfilled every promise, then tell me what happened to Rs 15 lakh, so far not a single penny has been deposited in our banks: Tewari 

12:03 pm: The Red Fort holds an importance in the Indian history and if the government claims that it cannot preserve our historical monuments, then how will it secure the nation?: Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari

12:02 pm: We did not bring out any schemes for the rich industrialists but for the poor and we have fulfilled those: Sharma

12:01 pm: Modi govt has fulfilled every promise in our electoral promises, I challenge anyone to point out even one thing that we have not fulfilled: BJP leader Mahesh Sharma

11:59 am: The session begins

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Theme of the conclave

On August 15, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation from the Red Fort one last time before the country goes to polls in 2019. The last Independence Day speech before the 2019 Lok Sabha polls shall be crucial as it will set the agenda for rest of the year and give BJP government a platform to send its message across the social, economic and cultural lines. 

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