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'Reward for my good work': Bulandshahr  woman cop who took on BJP leaders transferred

Shrestha Thakur, who took on angry BJP leaders in Bulandshahr and sent them to jail last week, was transferred out of the district yesterday.

India TV News Desk India TV News Desk New Delhi Updated on: July 02, 2017 23:57 IST
Bulandshahr woman cop Shrestha Thakur who took on BJP
Bulandshahr woman cop Shrestha Thakur who took on BJP leaders transferred

Shrestha Thakur, a senior Uttar Pradesh police officer posted in Bulandshahr district who took on angry BJP leaders and sent them to jail, was transferred to Bahraich district in Eastern part of the state on Saturday, a week after her video went viral. Thakur, the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Siyana circle, had won accolades on social media after she stood up to bullying by a group of BJP workers even amid bullying and sloganeering .

Thakur was among 234 officers who were transferred by the Yogi Adityanath government on Saturday.

Transfer after pressure from local BJP leadership

Media reports said the transfer came on the insistence of local BJP leaders, who said it was necessary to lift the morale of the party workers.

The transfer came following a meeting of a delegation of the party’s 11 MLAs and MP with Chief Minister over the issue, the Hindustan Times reported.  Mukesh Bhardwaj, president of the BJP's Bulandshahr unit, had admitted that Thakur’s transfer was essential to keeping intact the pride of party workers and leaders. He had also accused the cop of using objectionable language against CM Yogi Adityanath and other party leaders.

What Thakur says about her transfer

Thakur wrote on her unverified Facebook account after her transfer, Got transfer to bhraich, it’s nepal border, don’t worry my friends I am happy ..I accept it as a reward for my good work. .u all are invited to bahraich." She accompanied her post with a urdu couplet, "Jahaan bhi jayega, roshni lutaega. Kisi chirag ka apna makaan nai hota (Wherever it is kept, it will spread its light; a lamp does not have a home of its own).”

She told a private TV channel that she had been posted in Bulandshahr only for 8 months and does not know if her transfer is routine or political. 

"I cannot say if my transfer is routine or political, but the fact is that none of my batchmates have been transferred," she said. "I have been transferred far away from home. My family lives in Delhi, but that's okay, it's my job," she added.

What had happened 

Last month, a video of Thakur arguing with angry BJP workers went viral. The BJP workers resorted to bullying and sloganeering after Thakur fined and arrested one them for not carrying appropriate driving documents. She later sent five of them to jail for creating obstacles in discharging government duties. 

Thakur, along with her team was inspecting vehicles in Siyana area on June 22 when she stopped a person driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet and slapped a fine of Rs 200 on him. The man introduced himself as Pramod Lodhi, the husband of the district panchayat member of BJP. An altercation took place between Kumar and Thakur following which he called other BJP leaders to the spot and further argument ensued.  

A video of the incident later went viral. In the video Thakur is seen confronting the irate BJP workers who also raised slogans against police. While the men were seen surrounding the woman officer and arguing with her. Thakur is seen telling them that additional sections of IPC will be added against them for the ruckus.

In a jibe at the agitating workers, Thakur asked them to get a letter signed from the chief minister stating that the police should not check vehicles.

Thakur also said that she was not afraid of the mob and that she will carry on with her duties unaffected. When told that the police was targeting BJP workers, Thakur said that the law was equal for all.

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