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Do you have commitment issues? 7 ways to overcome them

We should realise that none of us are perfect human beings. We all have our weaknesses, anxieties, worries, fears, and phobias of some form or another but what takes us to behave normally is self-discipline, self-belief, self-love, self-confidence, self-commitment, and self-appreciation.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: June 08, 2024 11:30 IST
commitment issues
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Well, we all go through the phases of learning, learning through bitter experiences, analysis, synthesis, and by observing and watching other people's experiences. This process, many a time, doesn't allow you to commit to the ultimate truth of commitment forever.

Sometimes there is fear, apprehension, insecurity, and many times, just the uncertainty of life. The way it is in its true intrinsic nature. This lack of strength and courage to commit and stick by it lacks in many of us. It is normal but processing this situation and coming out of it to a point where you see absolute worthiness. And still, feel scared of committing, that shouldn't be the case.

Relationships, professional decisions, and personal objectives are just a few areas of life where commitment problems might appear. When we spoke to Dr Mickey Mehta, a Global Leading Holistic Health Expert, about the same, he said, "It takes self-awareness, reflection, and a readiness to face underlying concerns or anxieties to overcome these problems." Here are some methods to help overcome problems with commitment issues:

Small Steps Make a Difference: Make modest initial commitments and then progressively expand them over time. This could be as easy as establishing short-term objectives or committing to a daily schedule.

Open up: Seek support and check if there's an imbalance of energies, prana, or life forces; and spend more time around people whom you like, hold their hands, talk to them, get them to talk, listen to some music, attend a dance concert or a comedy show, and also see the optimistic perspectives on life. We can get the help needed and bring back the confidence!

Challenge the Fear of Failure: Commitment problems are frequently caused by a fear of rejection or failure. Accept failure as a necessary component of learning and development rather than a reflection of your value. Pay attention to the lessons discovered and the chances for improvement.

Set Reasonable Expectations: Try not to overburden yourself with the need to know everything or to be flawless. To get over your commitment concerns, be patient with yourself and set reasonable expectations.

Explore Your Values: Making sense of your priorities and values will help you make meaningful decisions that are in line with who you are. Consider your priorities and how commitment might help you live a life that aligns with your principles.

Seek Therapy: A safe space to examine the underlying causes of your commitment phobia can be found in therapy or counselling. A therapist can provide insightful advice, coping mechanisms, and support catered to your specific needs.

Raise the bar of your confidence: Believe in yourself. Sometimes listen to your hunches as well. Bring your head and heart in harmony from acrimony and you will see things fall in place. I am not saying that you should commit to the ultimate truth of commitment. You will see with clarity, you will commit with grace.

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