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International Women’s Day 2019: 8 things that don’t fall under feminism

On this women's day, let's debunk some common myths about feminism and gender equality. 

Reshu Manglik Reshu Manglik
New Delhi Published on: March 07, 2019 21:32 IST
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Women’s Day 2019: 8 things that don’t fall under feminism 

Women’s Day is here again and today, we’re going to get busy talking about feminism, equal rights for women and gender equality. One such things that remain the most misconstrued among these is feminism. Most of the people misunderstand the definition of feminism and some even try to use it as per their convenience. While we honour and appreciate the wave of feminism that has spread across the world, we would like to address the misconceptions around feminism. Before trying to debunk the myths, let’s first get to the definition of feminism and what it really means. Feminism means ‘the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Feminism has never meant putting women over men. Matriarchy has never been a solution of patriarchy. So let’s study about things that don’t fall under feminism.

Hating men

Feminism has never meant that you need to hate men in order to work for the benefits of women. Feminism stands for equality, which flows in both ways. Oppressing men just to make things easier for women is everything that people got wrong about feminism. A feminist will always stand for equal rights for both the sexes.

Thinking women are complete without men or vice versa

God has created human beings in such a manner that one completes another. It would be utter imprudent to say that women don’t need men to complete themselves or vice versa. We as women, have bunch of wonderful men in the form of friends, brothers, father or husband to add value to our life. In the similar manner, men have women who enrich their purpose of life. As simple as that.

Wanting to be like men

Women don’t need to prove themselves that they are no less than men, all the time. It’s a simple idea that’s even simpler to understand that both women and men are equally capable of doing things. They have their uniqueness within them that adds value to the society. One doesn’t need to belittle other to prove their worth.

Always making things about men vs women

It never was about men vs women. It’s not a battle nor a war between women and men. In fact, it should be like me and you vs injustice. There are many women who advocate for equal rights for women. This doesn’t make any less of a man they are. Feminism is about one human being nurturing the other and being considerate about rights of their fellow beings.

Feminists must be women

I love animals and I advocate for animal rights, so does that make me an animal? Or do I need to turn myself into an animal to bat for their betterment? In similar ways, a human being doesn’t have to be a woman to fight for women’s rights.

Competing with other women for no reason

Feminism stands for taking everyone forward while you move ahead in your life. It’s about everyone’s progress not only you own ambitions. A woman in a constant competitive mode with her female colleagues doesn’t have an iota of feminism in her. A strong and a feminist woman will always uplift her fellow woman.

Not respecting men

A feminist will never rejoice when men are not done right. They don’t celebrate anyone’s failure. Coming to respect, they respect every human being, irrespective of their gender. Not respecting men (or women) for no reason only makes a person misanthropic.

Believing in laws that are unfair to men

Feminist will never advocate any law that in a way does injustice to men. For example, they will never ask for shorter working hours than men just because they are women. They will stand shoulder to shoulder with their team and rather earn such benefits.

(The views in this article are the author’s own, India TV neither endorses nor is responsible for the same)

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