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Zodiac signs must make and keep THESE promises to themselves in 2023

Here are some resolutions for all zodiac signs that they must make to themselves and vow to keep as well in 2023.

Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: January 14, 2023 17:18 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK Resolutions for zodiac signs in 2023

As the sun changes its movement and becomes "Uttarayana", the first major Indian festival, Makar Sankranti, welcomes the new year. Worshipping the lord of life and light - the God Sun or Surya Devta, it's also an opportune moment to start afresh, adopt better habits and observe new resolutions.  According to a retrospective study at NumroVani, resolutions customized as per Name and Date of Birth are more likely to reach their ultimatum than the generalized ones. Another efficient way to customise resolutions is as per zodiac signs.  


It's impossible to resist your energy. Your passion and self-love inspire others. But sometimes, anger and impatience can get the better of you. To combat this, resolve to practice meditation every day. Makar Sankranti is an auspicious day to begin. 



You are sensitive and loyal, even to their interests. Enough of solely thinking and caring for others. This year, make some time for yourself by learning a new hobby or investing in an old one. Make time to reconnect with yourself. 


The social butterfly of the group is always learning new things, and always losing track of their skills along the way. Your resolution should be to complete owning one goal before moving to the next one.

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Dear Cancerians, you do too much for the other person without minding your comfort zone and boundaries. For you, 2023 should be all about establishing boundaries based on analyzing the areas where you seem undervalued or overworked.  


You are amazing, Leo. Everyone knows that. But sometimes, it's better to allow others to finish their stories while blurting out your own experiences. Try to be a good listener this year. It will add stars to your charm.  

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Obsessed with perfection, you hate losing control. Your elaborate "to-do lists" speak for your controlling tendencies. The best resolution for you is to travel more. It will teach you to go with the flow and provide a break from the routine.


The zodiac of balance is all about creating balance in all aspects of their life. But social media overuse may be negatively impacting this balance. Make a resolution to limit your screen time and do a social media detox once every month. 


There's nothing better you do than chase and achieve your goals. Maximize your superpower by learning a new skill and updating your resume. It will give you your treasured dopamine high, and improve your career graph. 


FOMO is real for the wise and outgoing Sagittarian. No matter how busy your schedule is, you still spread yourself too thin. Commence with a new resolution this Makar Sankranti. Learn to say no… to others and yourself. 


The world would be moving slowly without you, Capricorn. As you are always working around the clock, make self-care a priority in 2023. It can be a spa session, eating healthy, dinner with friends, or just 10 minutes of doing nothing. 


You stand apart from your colleagues and friends. Intelligent, analytical, and private, you enjoy learning more about the world. Feed this love of yours by making a resolution to read one book a month. 


As the most vulnerable sign of the zodiac, you catch the energy of your surroundings and shift your mannerisms accordingly. It also reflects in your clothing choices. Your resolution this year should be to dress as you want, without thinking of how others will perceive you.

(Authored by Mr Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro and Numro Consultant & Founder, Numrovani)

(Disclaimer: Views expressed here are of the author. India TV does not confirm its veracity.)


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