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World’s laziest country revealed! Is India on the list? Find it out now

Hong Kong is the most active country with an average of 6,880 steps per day. Do you think India is the laziest?

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: July 13, 2017 16:44 IST ]
Hong Kong enjoys being the most active country in the world

We are lazy deep down inside and when it comes to laziness we all find ourselves as the laziest beings on the planet. But according to the recent survey, one country has been labelled as the laziest country in the world. No it is not India, though we were tad close to becoming the laziest country in the world. Sorry people of Indonesia, but your country has now been declared as the laziest country in the world. And people of Hong Kong have a reason to rejoice. It is the most active nation in the world. How can we say that? Not us, it is the survey that calls for this. 

Researchers from Stanford University in the US tracked the smartphones of 717,000 people in 111 countries. It is being said to be the largest ever study into human movement. The results have revealed that British are fairly active as compared to other countries with average of 5,444 steps a day, while Indonesia being the least active with average of 3,513 steps a day. Hong Kong enjoys the position of being the most active country with 6,880 steps. India, on the other hand is no active country with an average steps of 4500 per day. 

The team also revealed the inference to help tackle obesity after setting up a link between cities where it is easier to walk and a drop in levels of obesity. Scientists studied people’s smartphones and found that the average number of daily steps was 4,961. There is a strong link between number of steps people take in a country and obesity levels. 

People in USA walk an average of 4,774 steps a day but with a large difference between the laziest and the most active population. This indicates the high obesity levels in the country. Sweden, where the difference between the most inactive and most active population isn’t much, has low obesity levels. The design of a city also affects the health and obesity levels. Places where walking is easier has low obesity levels. Pedestrian friendly cities like New York have more active population. Researchers conclude that town planning can affect the physical activity of the population greatly. 


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