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Caution parents! Overweight teenagers are 80% more prone to stroke in adulthood

Being overweight during teenage can increase the risk of stroke during adulthood

India TV Lifestyle Desk India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: June 29, 2017 13:55 IST
stroke risk obesity during teenage
Being overweight during teenage might up the risk of stroke during adulthood

Parents, please be careful if your teenage child is overweight during his teenage years. Obesity during teenage years heightens the risk of stroke during adulthood. A recent study has concluded if a child is overweight during his teenage years, then he is 80% more prone to suffer from stroke in his adulthood. According to the findings, men with excessive BMI increase from childhood to teenage, are more prone to stroke than those who had average BMI increase. For every two point increase in BMI, men were 20 per cent more prone to have a stroke in adulthood. 

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Men who were overweight during both teenage and adulthood were 70% more prone to have a stroke. Out of 990 people in the group, 36 had a stroke which makes 3.6 per cent of the total. The author of the study Jenny M. Kindblom from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden said that the rate of stroke has been increasing among adults even while it has been showing a decreasing trend for older people. 

He also added that it is occurring at the same time as the obesity epidemic. Which  makes it evident that stroke has something to do with obesity. The team studied 37,669 Swedish men whose BMI was calculated at age eight and again at age 20. From the age 20, they were studied for an average of 38 years and results were shocking. 918 men suffered from strokes. 

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Men, who were normal weights at age 8 but overweight at age 20, were 80 percent more likely to have a stroke. Of the 1,800 in this group, 67 had a stroke, or 3.7 percent. Kindblom noted that the study was observational and does not prove that the increase in BMI causes the increase in stroke, rather it just shows the association.

The study also found that people with high increases in BMI from age 8 to age 20 also were more likely to have high blood pressure as adults.People with high blood pressure are more likely to have stroke.The research was published in online journal of Neurology. 

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