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Create that dreamy cozy living room with these simple tips

Plants are an inexpensive way to add instant colour and glamour to home interiors.

Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: October 16, 2018 6:48 IST
Tips for cozy living room

Tips for cozy living room 

After a tiring day, we love relaxing on our comfy couch watching television or listening to our favourite piece of music. The interior decoration of room plays an important role in rejuvenating our body and mind. Hence, it is important to make our rooms lively and more colourful to kick away the stress. Windows, lights, photography prints and carpets can lend a cozy look to the living room.

* Large unappealing windows and flat reflective walls are always considered to be cold, bland and agoraphobic to some extent. The thought of dressing up windows and walls to make a space look smaller and more private, give people a sense of security that they are not watched by the outside world. 

* Warm and accenting lights were thought to be dramatic and created a mystery which invoked curiosity in the minds of visitors and tenants, by highlighting only certain areas.

* Consider a balcony which is part of an exterior space. Having tall plants will create a sense of cosiness in the subconscious. This fact also applies to interiors as well, for example the way canopies; poster beds, cocoon chairs and tall plants create a protective layer.

* Throw blankets, throw pillows, plush furnishings and carpets are all comforting to the body both physically and psychologically. The same thing goes to having a burning fireplace which emits heat and light and controls the climate for comfort. 

* Vintage botanical drawings and giant photography prints can personalise your space to a great extent. It's gorgeous, a beautiful way to boost your own home style. They provide a great way to upgrade a floor rug to the wall as a piece of art.

* With a conscious drive towards embracing a peaceful retreat from the crazy fast-paced modern lifestyle, sustainable and natural fabrics is emerging as a potential micro trend. You could even opt create a broader conversations by putting together your space with a jute carpet.

* The vintage brass/gold metallic frames on the earthy walls with old black/white photography bring in warmth, memories along with glamour and opulence.

* It continues to bring in a greener footprint inside the living spaces. Plants are an inexpensive way to add instant colour and glamour to home interiors. Mint strikes a balance between our desire for wellness but also for new and exciting technology. A transition to a more conscious living is reflected in green and earth interiors.

* The recently acquired ethnic motif during your last travel to your favourite destination could turn your home bolster into a stunning piece of conversation. You could make your decorative choices of craft more prominent and noticed by inspiring your friends/family.

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