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10 health benefits of jaggery (gur) that will make you ditch sugar this winter

Consumption of Jaggery has many health benefits and we list them down for you.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk
New Delhi Updated on: January 02, 2020 16:32 IST

Jaggery helps you improve your body's immunity.

You must have heard your grandmas discuss the benefits of jaggery and its very likely that in your dose of ‘naani ma k nuskhe’ you would have tried it. The health benefits of jaggery have been widely discussed by health experts and nutritionist, many suggest replacing sugar with jaggery can do wonders for us. Leading Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho and celebrity nutritionist Rutuja Diwekar shared the health benefits of jaggery on their social media accounts. We have listed down a compiled list of health benefits of jaggery, however, it must be noted that consumption of jaggery by diabetic patients should be in limit or else it can impact your sugar levels. Jaggery is also high on calories.

  • Dealing with the problem of dry skin in winters? Jaggery can help. The consumption of jaggery can improve your skin quality.
  •  Jaggery can be very helpful to people who deal with the problem of high blood pressure and hypertension. Jaggery can dilate blood vessels which allows smooth flood flow resulting in a decline in overall blood pressure.
  • Jaggery helps stimulating digestive enzymes and improve your digestion. Consuming jaggery after meals can also help reducing acidity and gas.
  • If dandruff and hair fall is troubling you, then you should increase jaggery's consumption can help you deal with your hair problems.

          India Tv - Jaggery can help improve your hair health

Jaggery can help improve your hair health

  • Jaggery has rich fiber which helps you treat constipation
  • The presence of zinc and selenium in jaggery allows it to at a natural liver detoxifier and blood purifier.
  • Consumption of jaggery by mixing in warm water after your meal can boost your immunity to cough, cold and other common winter ailments.

         India Tv - jaggery

Jaggery helps improve immunity to cold

  • Jaggery is full of minerals like iron, selenium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus that help to improve your body's immunity.
  • Joint pain in winters can really trouble you. You can prepare laddoos with dry ginger powder (1/2 tsp), black sesame seeds (1 tbsp), some ghee and jaggery (as per the level of sweetness you want). Consume these laddoos regularly in winter to reduce joint pain.
  • Jaggery also acts as a detoxifier for lungs so if rising air pollution is troubling you, you must try jaggery not that it will resolve the problem but will surely help.

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