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Vastu Tips: Painting of Phoenix bird brings positive results in life, here’s why

Vastu Shastra tips state that putting a picture of Phoenix bird on the walls of your house can help you bring positivity and garner your success in life.

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New Delhi Updated on: September 23, 2019 10:22 IST
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Vastu Tips: Painting of Phoenix bird bring positive results in life, here’s why

Vastu Shastra plays an important part in anyone’s life. If followed according to the exact rules and regulations, even small things that are mentioned can help you bring success and happiness in life. Be it the positioning of rooms, furniture or anything, Vastu gives the directions for each and everything. In the last segment, we told you the reason why leaking taps should be immediately repaired. It’s now time to discuss the reason why it is recommended to always put paintings of birds in your house. 

People who work hard to get success or fame but are still unable to get so should put a picture of birds in their house. According to Vastu, birds are considered auspicious. Wherever there are birds, the environment is spontaneous. The rules of Vastu state that keeping a picture of a bird or an idol in the house brings positive energy and help you in getting rid of negative energy. By doing this, your success starts coming your way. It is best to put the birds' picture in the east direction for success and fame.

The rules further state that it is even more great to put a picture of the Phoenix bird because it represents energy, fame, and development. Picture of this bird, if kept in the Southern direction can help in getting rid of the difficulties in the way of success. It gives the person the energy to achieve their goal. But in reality, the phoenix is not a bird, but a fantasy which is considered a form of success.

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