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Horoscope Today, Astrology December 4 2019 : From Cancer, Leo to Libra– know about your day

Acharya Indu Prakash is here to guide you on how you can make the most of your day.

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New Delhi Updated on: December 04, 2019 10:58 IST
Horoscope Today Wednesday, 4 December (2019): yearly horoscope, Acharya Indu Prakash is here to thro

Horoscope Today Wednesday, 4 December (2019): yearly horoscope, Acharya Indu Prakash is here to throw light on what is best for your professional, personal and social life today according to your zodiac signs. Taurus, Aries, Leo, Libra, Cancer, Scorpio, Gemini check astrology prediction

Horoscope Today Wednesday, 4 December 2019:If you are curious to know as to how your day will unfold today, then it is important to know about your astrology prediction. Acharya Indu Prakash is here to guide you on how you can make the most of your day and, also learn as to what the day has in store for you. Not all days can be good or fruitful. However, don't worry because Acharya Indu Prakash also gives astrology tips so that a good day ahead is ensured for you.


Today will be a great day for you. People will be very eager to hear your thoughts. People of this zodiac can get some good news from close quarters today. In terms of career, you may have more responsibilities than your ability. Today, you should make decisions carefully. Try to complete the assigned work on time. Apply saffron tilak on your forehead today, your stalled work will be completed.


Today will be your favorite day when your heart's desire will be fulfilled. There will be benefits in economic matters. New steps will be taken to improve the future. The situation will be in your favor. Relationships with the lovemate will bring sweetness. Some big ideas will come in your mind. Reliable people will give the right advice and help on teh desired time. You will be interested in reading something and learning something new today. Burn a lamp of ghee in front of Durga ji on this day, relationships will be harmonized.


Today will be a good day for you. Today you will get good news for the job. Today is a great day for the writers of this zodiac. A new story can be found for writing. Your career will emerge in a new form. Everything will be fine with you You will get help from colleagues. You can succeed with the support of a partner. Offer laddus to Ganesha on this day, troubles will be away.


Today will be your normal day. Parental advice can work for you. There is a possibility of a dispute with the child. Today you should try to resolve any disputed matter by negotiation and peace. Some cases may also get entangled. You can be a bit emotional. Do not hurry in any work today. Take the blessings of parents while leaving home, all your work will be completed easily.


Today will be a great day for you. It looks like you will get good news. Today you can also meet an old friend, from which you can have great benefits in the future. Your entire focus will be on advancing your career. Conversations with friends can end some of your tension. Apply sandalwood tilak on your forehead, your career will be assured.


Today will be a great day, you will be able to complete the work in the office. Today will be a great day for students studying the law of this zodiac. You will also get a chance to intern with a senior lawyer. You will establish new dimensions in your career. Whatever help you expect, it will be provided to you in time. Go to the banks of a lake or river and feed the fish with flour balls, by doing so the financial problems will end.


Today, you will get help from family members about something important. The help of seniors in office work can help you complete your stalled work. The atmosphere of the house will remain like a party in the happiness of a relative's arrival. You should avoid family disputes. Today will be beneficial day for engineers of this zodiac sign.


Today will be a good day for you. There is a possibility of getting your stalled money back. You can think of doing new work, which will give you opportunities to gain further wealth. Your mind may feel more inclined towards worship. You can make a new friend. You may get help from some people in a difficult situation. Your physical comforts will increase. ॐ Bhaskarai Namah: Chant this mantra 11 times, your hard work will bring fruit.


Today, you can plan to hang out with a friend. Spending time with family members will create understanding among everyone. You can befriend a colleague in the office. Today will be beneficial for the people of art and literature of this zodiac. You may get some opportunities. Necessary work will be done according to your plans. Today write your wishes on the leaf and pour it into the water. With this remedy, your wish will be fulfilled soon.


Today you will feel energetic. Today is a good day for students of this sign. You can get success in love affair. Your married life will be better. Your mind will be happy. There will be movement around you. You may have to handle multiple tasks at once. You will plan to go somewhere with family. Hard work will be more, but you will get success. Donate clothes to the needy, all your wishes will be fulfilled.


Today will be a good day for you. Today is important for students of this sign, they will get some big achievement. You will benefit in everyday work. You will get back the money stuck in business. You will feel comfortable in regular work. Some people will expect more from you. Your work will be completed in time. You will get new responsibility, in which you will get success. Chanting Surya Dev's Mantra, ॐ Surya Namah 108 times increases wealth.


Today will be a mixed day for you. Your money may get stuck somewhere. You can plan to visit a hill station somewhere with your spouse. Increase in spending may make you a bit nervous. Any work can take more effort and time than anticipated. You can try to improve relationships. Any decision should be taken carefully, it will be better. Give some gifts to the girls, all your troubles will end.

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