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Navratri Day 9 Horoscope, April 2, 2020: Know what's in store for Pisces, Aries, Cancer and other zodiac signs

Know what is best for your professional, personal and social life today on Day 9 of Navratri according to your zodiac sign.

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New Delhi Published on: April 02, 2020 6:04 IST

Know how your day will unfold

There are days that can really have a toll on you and stress you a lot. You can be gloomy and sad for no reason. In that case, well, it’s not your fault but it can be the planetary positions that make you feel in that way. To help you, we are here with a few astrology tips. From professional success to love and family relationships, everything is said to have a direct or indirect relation to the alignment of the stars. So, go ahead and shape your day as per the predictions and cherish every moment of your life. Even if you have little faith in astrology, there's no harm in following a thing or two according to your convenience. Well, who knows it might have an impact. Check out what April 2 has in store for you.


Today for some reason your father will be proud of you. The day will be normal for students. You will get full support from elder brothers and sisters. People doing jobs today will get relief from work.


With the help of family members, you will be able to handle everything well. Today, on the ninth day of Navratri, you will make up your mind to organize a religious ritual at home. A knowledgeable person will ask you about your children's career. Today you will remain energetic in terms of health. Sweetness will remain in married life. Lovemates will appreciate each other's feelings. Donate sattu made of gram today, you will complete every task well.


Today will be a good day for you. Workers doing work from home today will have to go to the office for any important work. You will share some good things with your spouse. Children can take your help in any work. You will fully support the children. The day will be good for women working in the boutique. On this day, you should do havan at home, the business will increase.


You need to increase your efficiency. You should spend keeping your income in mind. Today you will take some big decisions to give the right direction to your career. Today you will feel a little irritated. You should keep drinking water from time to time, this will not cause you the problem of dehydration. Life partners will continue to get support at work. Chant Gayatri Mantra, get rid of opponents.


Today any work of children will cost you money. You should proceed with hard work, this will give you success in work. You should avoid believing what someone has said or heard. In the case of health, you should be careful. There will be peace and happiness in married life. Today is going to be a great day for Lovematus. Donate fruit to someone in need, people will continue to get support.


If you want to tell your heart to someone, today is going to be a great day for you. Today you will be successful in completing your tasks. Marriage proposals will come for unmarried people. People working in the furniture industry will benefit today. You may get a big job. The chances of students getting part-time jobs are confirmed. You will get a chance to go to any religious ritual.


Today, you have to be cautious in your work. You should avoid any kind of transaction in business. For good health, you should do routine exercise. Also, vitamins should be taken care of in your food. You should donate barley to this day, you will be saved from any kind of loss.


Today you will share any business talk with your spouse. You can also get some good advice from spouse about work. The family environment will be fine. If you have been suffering from eye problems for a few days, today you will get a lot of relief. Feed the fish with flour bullets, the economic condition will be good.


You will get full support from family members. Financially, the father will help you. By mixing any good news, there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. If your children deserve marriage, then a good relationship will come for them. You will be fit in terms of health. We will complete our work in the office. Donate an earthen pot, your mother's health will remain good.


People associated with government institutions will have a good day. Today you will have to work extra in the office. Spouse will get some good news. The day will be fine for the students. It will be beneficial for you to follow the views of close people. With the help of an elder brother, today you will complete a stalled work. Offer sweets to Lord Shri Ram today, problems will be solved.


Today, on the ninth day of Navratri, the grace of Lord Shri Ram will be with you. Spouse will have some great success. You will give your support in some good work, this will increase your respect in society. Today there will be relief from a health problem that has been going on for many days. People doing business will get some great success. Lovemates will appreciate each other's feelings. Help the needy, prestige will increase in society.


You will make up your mind to buy property today. You can think about investing in a property. Lovemates will receive a gift from each other. You will think to increase the comfort of the home. You will get full support from your family members. The day will be good in terms of education. You can take any major decision regarding your career. Salute your God, you will have a good day.

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