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Struggling to manage diabetes in summer? Follow these tips

Here are some suggestions for individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to regulate their blood sugar levels during the summer season, including advice on suitable exercise and consuming foods that are high in fiber.

India TV Health Desk Edited By: India TV Health Desk New Delhi Published on: March 22, 2023 15:00 IST
Struggling to manage diabetes
Image Source : FREEPIK Struggling to manage diabetes in summer? You need these tips

People with diabetes need to maintain their blood sugar levels consistently throughout the year. Every season presents its own set of challenges that can impact diabetes management. During winter, the prevalence of sedentary habits can make it difficult to regulate blood sugar levels effectively. However, in the summer season, individuals with diabetes may experience heat exhaustion and heat stroke, as the disease can damage blood vessels and nerves, which in turn can affect sweat glands.

Here are some suggestions for individuals with diabetes to regulate their blood sugar levels during the summer season:

1. Stay physically active

In order to avoid the adverse effects of the heat, it is recommended to perform physical activities during cooler hours of the day, such as early morning or late evening. It is advised to avoid stepping out during hotter times of the day, particularly around 4-5 pm.
One of the best ways to stay active is by taking a 30-minute walk, either in the morning or late evening when the temperatures are cooler.

2. Eat fibre-rich food
These types of foods help to slow down digestion, which prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Additionally, a high-fiber diet can promote weight loss, which can lead to better management of diabetes and also reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer.

Foods that are high in fiber include whole grains like oats, brown rice, whole grain bread, and cereals, as well as fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, and others. By incorporating these fiber-rich foods into their diet, individuals with diabetes can improve their overall health and better manage their blood sugar levels.

3. Avoid sweet juices
During the summer, many people enjoy drinking fresh juices and smoothies for refreshment. However, for those with diabetes, it is important to be aware that these drinks are often high in natural sugars and low in fiber, which can cause a rapid increase in blood glucose levels. If you have diabetes, it is best to avoid sweet juices or drink them in moderation

4. Stay hydrated
In individuals with high blood sugar levels, the kidneys may work harder to eliminate excess sugar from the body by producing more urine. Drinking water can help to lower blood sugar levels by aiding in the removal of excess glucose. Therefore, it is important to stay well hydrated during the summer months by drinking plenty of water and consuming foods that are hydrating.

Managing diabetes in the summer months requires some extra effort and attention, but it is essential to ensure good health and prevent complications. Staying physically active during cooler times of the day, consuming a fiber-rich diet, avoiding sweet juices, and staying well hydrated are some lifestyle changes that can help individuals with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels effectively in the summer season.

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