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10 workouts at home that help keep your body fit

If you find yourself unable to exercise, try these easy yet powerful to perform workouts that one can do anywhere and at any time of the day. Using basic and minimal equipment, the below movements can help improve strength, endurance and reduce any form of anxiety and stress.   

Health Desk Written by: Health Desk New Delhi Published on: July 01, 2021 11:10 IST
10 workouts at home that help keep your body fit
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10 workouts at home that help keep your body fit

The covid-19 pandemic has reiterated in our lives what essential is --- it’s our health.  One of the best things anyone can do for their physical and mental health is exercise. Especially now, when more people are working from home, it is easy to forget to step away from your inbox and prioritize activities, like standing up to stretch or taking a break to do a few quick exercises. It’s easier to find motivation and stick to a routine when you know why it matters to you.
Do you want to ensure you do at least one activity each day to stay fit? Do you want to run or do yoga to deal with stress and anxiety? Dedicate yourself to a weight-loss routine? Set the intention. The goal can be as simple as doing one movement each day or be more ambitious. As long as you set the intention and goal, it's easier to follow through.  To help you, we have collated a list of easy-to-perform at-home exercises that require basic to minimal equipment. These are some simple and creative ways to stay active and add movement to your day. 
Social distancing and staying at home are the need of the hour. The pandemic has resulted in many of us either becoming more sedentary in our lifestyles or facing mental health issues as we stay isolated. Adding a basic yet effective fitness regime can help channelise our emotions, bring a much-required balance in our daily lives, while keeping ourselves fit. 
If you find yourself unable to exercise, try these easy yet powerful to perform workouts that one can do anywhere and at any time of the day. Using basic and minimal equipment, the below movements can help improve strength, endurance and reduce any form of anxiety and stress. 
1. High Knees
High knees are one of the simplest yet effective exercises to strengthen the thighs, calves, and hamstrings. This exercise also raises the heart rate and improves hand and leg coordination. One must keep running in one place and raise the knees as high while lifting the leg. 
o Stand in one place, keeping your legs together and arms firmly at your sides
o Raise one knee toward your chest. Lower the raised leg and repeat the same with the other knee
o Continue alternating knees, while alternately lifting your arms up and down  
2. Jump Rope
This childhood favourite game is a beneficial exercise and strengthens the complete body while performing. Jumping rope burns calories rapidly, increases heart rate and builds endurance. With or without an actual rope, this specific workout can be performed within the four walls. 
o Stand with your legs closed in together 
o Step on the rope and ensure both handles are close to your elbows, if not adjust the size
o Once you have the right size, hold both rope handles in one hand each practice jumping as the rope glides from under your feet
o You can try walking as you skip, jumping with high knees, alternate feet as well to change the rhythm as you get the flow
3. Jumping Jacks
A complete body workout, jumping jacks are said to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes. This exercise helps you build muscle strength, agility and enable better blood circulation whilst maintaining blood pressure.
o Stand with your legs together with knees bent lightly. Let your arms be firmly on your sides
o Jump as high as you can, spread your legs up to shoulder length  
o Raise your arms in mid-air, so that your body forms an X
o Jump back to the centre, landing softly in the same position as you started
4. Squats
Squats help strengthen glutes, core and lower body and can be performed with variations as well. For instance, sumo squats which can be performed with dumbbells which helps toning calves muscles and thighs. 
o Stand with your feet slightly apart from the length of your hips. Make sure your toes point outwards
o As you squat down, let your arms be straight, parallel to the ground
o Push your butt back, as you bend your knees
o Engage your core in the process
o Focus on keeping your knees at the same length as your feet
5. Spot Jogging
Jogging at one place is a basic warm-up exercise and can be also clubbed with butt kicks. This workout promotes weight loss and improves cardiovascular functioning. One must wear comfortable shoes while performing running/jogging exercises. 
o Start by marching in one place to warm up your lower body 
o Slowly pick up the pace 
o Lift your arms alternately. If your right leg is up, lift your left arm
o Focus on your breathing as you jog
6. Lunges
If done properly and regularly, lunges can strengthen the lower body especially glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core. One can also modify this workout by doing lateral lunges or walking lunges. 
o Stand with feet hip-width apart
o Take one step forward with one leg
o Balance your weight on your front foot as you lower your hips, keeping the front foot flat and the heel of your other foot lifted
o Bend until knee behind almost touches the floor, and the front knee is directly above the ankle, creating 90°bend in both knees
o Push yourself back to your starting position
7. Double Leg Lift 
An effective abs exercise, leg lift should be done on a yoga mat. An ideal core strength builder, this exercise helps build both lower and upper abs. 
o Lie face up on a mat or floor
o Extend the legs up to the ceiling, till your body forms a 90-degree angle
o Keep your arms by sides
o By engaging your core, gently lower the legs down to the mat
8. Burpees
A highly effective full body exercise, burpees help strengthen cores, glutes chest and triceps and builds endurance. A good pair of shoes and non-skid mats are suggested to perform this exercise. 
o Stand straight with closed feet
o Now squat down and keep your hands on the floor
o Firmly planting your hands on the floor, jump your feet back and land with straight legs
o Now lower yourself down to a push-up position until the chest touches the floor
o Keeping your hands on the floor, pop your feet back into a squat using hips
o Explode into a jump and land on your feet softly
o Repeat the process 
9. Calf Raises
This exercise helps build stronger calves and one can also elevate the process by investing in a good stepper.  
o Stand on a raised surface like stairs or a stepper
o Place the balls of your feet on the step and let the heels hang off
o Raise your heels and pull your abs in
o The heels should be higher than the balls
o Hold for a count and repeat for at least 1-2 minutes
10. Zumba
If you love dancing or just shaking a leg, you can sweat out with rhythmic movements of Zumba. Just play Zumba music from your favourite music app, wear your comfortable gym gear and dance it out as if no one is watching. 
It is essential that one does warm-up exercises to prep the body before engaging in vigorous workout. Also, hydrate often and eat well to maximise the fitness progress. To ensure you do not injure yourself or if you suffer from any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before performing any of these exercises.
-By Shailesh Shetty and Dr. Ruchira Tendolkar, Founder, The Akhaada

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