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New Motor Vehicle Bill: Soon, traffic violations will cost you much more. Check penalty charges

Central Government will soon introduce bill to make Motor Vehicle Act stricter. Monetary penalties and other punishments may soon be harsher than what they are now.

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New Delhi Updated on: June 26, 2019 14:23 IST
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Life will be tougher for those among us seeking thrill in as petty thing as breaking traffic rules. Let's admit, its not like climbing Mount Everest but these 'thrillseekers' think breaking a traffic rule is validation of their daredevilry.

Well, break all rules if you wish to but the punishment is soon getting harsher. 

Central Government is planning to make Motor Vehicle Act stricter with heavy penalties for traffic rule violations. The bill for the new act is likely to get presented in the Lok Sabha in the coming days. The Modi cabinet has already cleared the bill.

Sample this, the new bill proposes 400% hike in fine if you are caught drunk driving. Driving without a seatbelt will see you paying 10 times more money than you do now (we are not alleging anything). Same is the case with driving without a license.

The government plans to crack down on illegal street racing and overspeeding as it has plans to increase penalty 20 times for these offenses. And if you think your juvenile kid can get a 'maafi' for driving your car, you're wrong. Parent/guardian/ owner of the vehicle will be held accountable in cases of underage driving. The fine? Rs 25,000 only.

And there's more, the parent/guardian/ vehicle owner will be cooling his heels in jail for 3 years. Currently there are no heavy monetary penalties for juvenile driving.

What you may do What you pay right now What you may have to shell out in future
Driving without seatbelt Rs 100 Rs 1000
No helmet Rs 100 Rs 1000 and license disqualification for 3 months
Not making way for emergency vehicles like ambulances etc. No fine Rs 10,000
Drunk driving Rs 2000 Rs 10,000
Driving in spite of license disqualification Rs 500 Rs 10,000
Racing/ Speeding Rs 500 Rs 5,000
Driving without license Rs 500 Rs 5000
Offenses by juveniles No fine Rs 25,000 fine and 3-year jail to guardian/owner of the vehicle, cancellation of vehicle registration


The government had introduced this bill in previous Lok Sabha. It had got approval as well. But the bill could not get converted into a law due to the dissolution of the House.

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