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10 things you can do in Mumbai when it rains

Mumbai in monsoon will wash away all your pain, 10 best monsoon getaways in Mumbai.

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New Delhi Updated on: June 29, 2019 14:51 IST
10 things you can do in Mumbai when it rains
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10 things you can do in Mumbai when it rains

They say that the best time to visit Mumbai is in the rains, starting with the very first rain, you will notice a buzz going around of planning Monsoon Getaways in Mumbai to see the rains at their best. The coast of Mumbai, and the Western Ghats experience the best of this season. 

10 things you can do in Mumbai when it rains:


1. Trek through Sanjay Gandhi National Park  in monsoon

Join the good folks at Mumbai Riders for a trek in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) in Borivali. Wildlife researcher Omi Patil will guide you through the Shilonda trail and share interesting facts about the plants, insects and animals that inhabit this park. So, if you want to get away from the hectic city life and take in the lush greenery of the beautiful park, sign up

2. Discover a nature park in Dharavi

On this trip, explore the park’s many forest and medicinal plants, as well as learn about rain water harvesting and vermicomposting. PS: The walk is open to people between the age group of five to 60

3. Cutting Chai - Marine Drive

One of the best things to do in Mumbai in monsoon is to have a conversation over cutting chai with your close friends or family. And while it’s raining, there is no place more ideal than Marine Drive to experience this moment! watch the clouds dancing as the waves show their moves too, and enjoy the famous cutting chai or bhel puri.

4. Bandra - Bandstand

One of the best monsoon places in Mumbai is Bandra Bandstand where you can admire the beauty for hours. Visit the place with your family or friends, grab a bite of the spicy bhuttas while you sit at the rocks and admire the beautiful view. It’s among the most romantic places to visit in Mumbai during rains.

5. Hot Chocolate - Theobroma

There’s nothing more soul-satisfying than the smell of rain and sand, and your favorite book. So it wouldn’t be difficult for you guys to guess that among the most popular things to do in Mumbai during monsoon is sitting in a cozy cafe and reading a book. 

6. Leisure Walk - Juhu Beach

The monsoon in Mumbai brings with it a sigh of relief from the scorching heat, and this is the moment you must live to the fullest! Take a walk across the beach while it’s raining, and enjoy the feeling of bliss when the waves kiss your feet.

7. Gateway of India

This heritage structure stands tall in its glory as the rains gush over it. Though it never fails to mesmerise all-round the year, the high tides during monsoons splashing over it and everything around has an endearing charm of its own. 

8. Kanheri Caves

A cluster of old Buddhist caves might not exactly be your idea of a monsoon trip. However, these caves situated in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park are located on a hilly terrain which requires a good climb. Add to that, the natural surroundings, the clacking of birds, the gushing noise of the streams and you’ve for yourself the perfect trekking spot right in the middle of the city. 

9. Worli Seaface

With a picturesque backdrop of the Haji Ali Dargah, Worli fort and the Bandra-Worli sea-link, it is known for its high tides that manage to soak anyone standing near the promenade. It sees comparatively fewer visitors during monsoon which makes for an ideal place in Mumbai if you’re looking for some solitude. 

10. Take a ferry ride from Gateway of India 

Imagine sailing through the gushing sea waves while a mild drizzle makes the weather perfect for a romantic outing in the sea. Hop on to the ferry that takes travellers around the Gateway of India harbour. Travellers can choose from the 30-minute joy ride around the Gateway or the one-hour ride till Elephanta Caves.

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