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Bigg Boss 12 November 2 Highlights: Dipika Kakar, Sreesanth fight over Karanvir Bohra's kalkothari punishment

Is Srishty upset with brewing rumours of her romance with Rohit? Read details inside.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: November 03, 2018 0:05 IST ]

Dipika Kakar, Sreesanth get into an argument

After Sreesanth wins captaincy task with the support of majority of housemates, the Bigg Boss house is ready for chaos and drama. The cricketer sends Karanvir Bohra to jail despite the actor supporting him in the captaincy race. However, Dipika Kakar doesn't agree and ends up arguing with him. Will it lead to a clash between the duo? Also, in today's episode, Srishty Rode lashes out at Jasleen for being unhygienic and there will also be a romantic dance between Rohit Suchanti and Srishty. Excited much? Read below all the highlights of November 2 episode of Bigg Boss 12.

10:14 PM: Srishty gets emotional before Karanvir Bohra.

10:01 PM: Srishty is tensed after housemates start linking her name with Rohit. Kalkothari punishment of all the three contestants ends.

9:49 PM: Srishty wins the challenge and gets a makeup kit. While Rohit and Srishty do a romantic dance in the lawn, Karanvir and Megha enjoy couple dance inside kalkothari.

9:39 PM: Megha bitches about Romil to Karanvir. Now, it's time for makeup challenge. Girls of the house have to apply makeup and then convince Rohit about their beauty. Winner of the task will get an opportunity to do a romantic dance with Rohit.

9:36 PM: Romil makes fun of Megha and then says he is fond of her.

9:33 PM: Srishty calls Jasleen unhygienic. They get into an ugly spat.

9:29 PM: Dipika and Karanvir argue with Sreesanth for taking his name for kalkothari task.

9:23 PM: Majority of them name Deepak, Megha and Rohit. However, Sreesanth saves Deepak and instead nominates Karanvir. So, Megha, Karanvir and Rohit will now go to kalkothari.

9:18 PM: Deepak urges Bigg Boss not to send him to jail. Now, it is time for housemates to nominate contestants who will go to jail.

9:13 PM: Somi starts crying after an argument with Romil. Megha and Romil also get into war of words.

9:11 PM: Rohit and Srishty complain about Jasleen to captain Sreesanth. They say Jasleen doesn't have bathroom etiquette.

9:10 PM: Contestants make fun of Jasleen's way of cleaning house. Jasleen urges Sreesanth to give her the duty of cleaning utensils, which he refuses.

9:07 PM: Housemates wake up to the tunes of a peppy track 'Badtameez Dil'

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