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Pawan Kalyan hits back at Sri Reddy for abusing his mother

Pawan Kalyan has slammed Sri Reddy for making derogatory remarks on him and his mother.

Written by: India TV Entertainment Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: April 20, 2018 13:42 IST ]
Pawan Kalyan, Sri Reddy

Pawan Kalyan, Sri Reddy

Actress Sri Reddy is in the middle of the controversies from quite some time. Ever since, the lady protested against the prevalent casting couch in the Telugu film industry, she became the topic of discussion. Lately, Reddy apologised to Power star Pawan Kalyan after she was criticised for her derogatory remarks on him and his mother. The actor’s elder brother Naga Babu in the press conference asked not to mistake their silence as weakness. Now, Pawan Kumar has finally spoken on the issue. He took to Twitter and slammed the actress in series of tweets.

He tweeted, “Before becoming an actor or a political party leader I am a son first.. As a Son.. If I could not safeguard the honour of mother i better die than live..”

He also wrote, “You all love & die for  Shows which will get highest TRPS for your channels, right?? .. Good !!I will give the Mother of all Shows.”

The actor was also disappointed with Telugu media for again and again telecasting the derogatory word that the actress used against him just for TRP.  

It all happened when the star commented on the lady’s protest saying that she should have filed a complaint rather than resort to sensationalism. This didn’t go down well with Reddy and the lady made derogatory remarks against the actor.

After getting slammed by Pawan’s fans, the lady apologised in a Facebook post. She wrote, “Bhahiranga kshamapanalu(sincere apologies) to the pawan nd his mommy..unnecessary we blamed by many,ur enemy made us to do this and forced us do this in a good advisor mask..i am not belongs to the any political party..i didnt work for the biryani sorry..I hope u nd ur fans should digest nd understand the truth..trolling its fine I face it for my mistake.” 

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