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Rahul Roy to resume shooting in February

Bollywood actor Rahul Roy, who has returned from hospital after receiving treatment for a brain stroke, is expected to resume shooting in February.

New Delhi Updated on: December 09, 2020 19:28 IST
Rahul Roy

Actor Rahul Roy

 Bollywood actor Rahul Roy, who has returned from hospital after receiving treatment for a brain stroke, is expected to resume shooting in February. This was revealed by filmmaker Nitin Kumar Gupta, who is directing the upcoming film "LAC: Live The Battle". Roy suffered a brain stroke while shooting for Gupta's film in Kargil. Roy is expected to return to the sets for Gupta's next film, "Stroke".

"We are planning to begin shooting for a film called 'Stroke' in February, where Rahul sir plays a stroke victim who has witnessed a murder but is unable to identify the culprit owing to his present condition. The film is about mixing reality with fiction," Gupta told IANS.

The filmmaker, who studied medicine before getting into films, met Roy personally after his discharge from the hospital earlier this week. Sharing an update on the actor's health, he said: "His condition is normal now. He is able to eat and walk properly. Only, he is having a difficulty in forming sentences and naming objects, even though it is lying in front of his eyes. But that can be overcome with speech training. He is undergoing speech therapy every day and should get back to normal in a couple of weeks or so."

Gupta was shooting for "LAC: Live The Battle" in Kargil in November when lead actor Roy suffered a brain stroke. Recalling the incident, the filmmaker shared: "Actually Rahul sir had finished shooting for his part on the 23rd but wanted to stay back for a few more days because Kargil is beautiful at this time of the year. On the 25th evening he started complaining, saying he is unable to form sentences. We immediately took him to a doctor and a CT scan was done but the report was normal. However the doctor insisted that he should be taken to Mumbai for a thorough check-up without delay. The next day we left for Mumbai. The road from Kargil to Srinagar was covered with snow, so we took him in a helicopter arranged by the District Magistrate and from Srinagar he was flown to Mumbai. He was admitted to Nanavati hospital the same night. "

The actor, who was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday is currently recuperating in Madh Island, accompanied by his adopted sister Pia and other family members, while his twin brother Rohit Roy is constantly in touch from Canada.

The makers are eyeing a Republic Day release for "LAC: Live The Battle", a film which pays tribute to India's border warriors. Talks are on for a sequel, which will be tentatively titled "LAC 2".

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