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Movie Review: ABCD, a treat for dance lovers

New delhi, Feb 8: If there is a will there is a way. If you have passion for something nothing can stop you from achieving it.  Remo D'Souza's  “ABCD” is not just about the basics

India TV News Desk India TV News Desk Updated on: February 09, 2013 14:52 IST

D'Souza tries hard to give a neck to neck competition to series but despite its incomparable drama he offers you chills and thrills with some never seen before dancing moves. Or, in other words we could say its ‘Step Up' show with a desi tadka.

Remo tries to bring about a clear thought process in your mind. Through Raghu, he teaches the importance of discipline and how one can stand out from the crowd. And, as already told, it's not just about the dance it's also about your heart where you want to invest. It's told in '3 Idiots' by Rancho (Amir Khan) that do what your heart wants to and give your fullest. Here one of the dancers struggles with his father who runs a business and wants his son to take authority over. But he is least interested in it and wants to become a dance performer.

The Director takes a dig at those big academies who keeps packaging over true talent , like in the opening scene every body is left stunned after Jehangir's group, despite of a poor performance, wins the competition.

Despite all this, you have some bad moments to yawn. With a wrapped script and dialogues which are too predictable, the acts of none of the actors are convincing. The scenes on few occasions are too melodramatic.

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