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Delhi University rejects proposal to include 'Manusmriti' in LLB syllabus amid uproar

Delhi University Vice-Chancellor clarifies the rejection of a proposal to include Manusmriti in the LLB syllabus, following backlash from faculty and concerns about its regressive content.

Edited By: Vaidehi Jahagirdar New Delhi Updated on: July 11, 2024 23:17 IST
Image Source : VIDEO SCREENGRAB Delhi University Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh

Delhi University’s Vice-Chancellor, Yogesh Singh, announced on Thursday that the proposal to include 'Manusmriti' in the LLB curriculum has been rejected. This clarification comes after significant criticism from faculty members and concerns over the manuscript's controversial content.

Earlier, the Faculty of Law had submitted a proposal to the university, suggesting amendments to the Jurisprudence paper in the LLB syllabus for the first and third-year LLB students. One of the key changes was the inclusion of readings from 'Manusmriti,' an ancient Hindu legal text. However, Singh confirmed in a video message that both the proposed readings and amendments have been dismissed. “Nothing of this sort will be taught to students,” he asserted.

Significantly, the Vice-Chancellor's decision followed a wave of backlash from the university’s academic community, particularly from the Social Democratic Teachers Front (SDTF). The left-leaning teachers' group vehemently opposed the proposal, arguing that 'Manusmriti' promotes regressive views, especially concerning the rights of women and marginalized communities.

In their objection, SDTF representatives wrote to Vice-Chancellor Singh, highlighting the problematic nature of 'Manusmriti.' They stated that the text is fundamentally against the principles of equality and progressive education, which are enshrined in the Indian Constitution. “In several sections, Manusmriti opposes women's education and equal rights. Introducing any part of it contradicts the Constitution’s basic structure,” the letter argued.

The SDTF urged the university administration to withdraw the proposal immediately and ensure it was not approved in the upcoming Academic Council meeting. They also requested the Vice-Chancellor to direct the law faculty to continue with the current syllabus for the Jurisprudence paper.


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