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  5. Rishi Kapoor can’t stop praising these Pakistani cricket fans and the reason is fair enough!

Rishi Kapoor can’t stop praising these Pakistani cricket fans and the reason is fair enough!

Yesterday, Rishi Kapoor tweeted something after Pakistan's win that didn't go well with the Pakistan cricket fans.

India TV Trending Desk India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: June 15, 2017 16:42 IST
rishi kapoor praises pakistani fans
Rishi Kapoor singled out these two Pakistani fans and he has a point

Rishi Kapoor never takes them lightly who send him abusive messages and replies on Twitter, but he looks quite impressed with nonconformists who respond to a different opinion with utter politeness and respect. A couple of months ago, the veteran actor was tweeting about allowing Pakistan to play in the Indian Premier League and yesterday, he again spoke cricket. After yesterday’s fiery battle between Pakistan and England for ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and Pakistan’s win, he tweeted: 

"Congratulations, Pakistan. You enter finals? Wow! Good to see you wearing our colour blue! Get ready to be blued now! We will blue you away!"

Just like every other Indian cricket fanatic, Mr. Kapoor is so sure that India is going to win today’s semi-final against Bangladesh and India would be facing Pakistan in the finals. His tweet mustered too much attention on Twitter, as cricket remains to be one of the hottest topics in our country after politics. In no time, comments and likes started pouring in like a hailstorm. 

It was obvious that many cricket fans from across the boundary didn’t take the humour as it should’ve been taken. Instead, they got offended and started bashing the actor for his tweet. Some even went down on commenting on topics like sanitation problem in India and GDP of Pakistan. If we analyse the comments, the number of negative and reckless remarks were more in number than the sensible ones. 

So, Mr. Kapoor singled out 2 out of some 1500 replies on his tweets. And surprisingly, the comments were posted by none other than Pakistani citizens itself. The reason? You check it out yourself. 

These two random Pakistani fans are describing the spirit of sports in the best way possible and so RIshi Kapoor lauded the Twitter users by highlighting these two comments on his Twitter account. 

True, who so ever plays well, is going to win!  



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