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A horrible ‘Suicide Game’ is encouraging teenagers to kill themselves

Insanity has reached its all time low with this sinister online challenge

India TV Trending Desk India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: April 26, 2017 16:14 IST
A horrible ‘Suicide Game’ is encouraging teenagers
A horrible ‘Suicide Game’ is encouraging teenagers to kill themselves

Insanity has reached a new low. Internet is becoming an utter unsafe place for kids, day by day. A bizarre online game called ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ is encouraging young and vulnerable people to commit suicide online. It is believed that this deadly game is the reason behind death of 100 teenagers in Russia alone. 

This sinister suicide game asks the players to complete the task for 50 days and at the end, to win the challenge, the player has to kill himself. This way, internet is being used to target young and vulnerable people for a horrific kind of entertainment. 

A police man told the Cambridge News about the ongoing sinister challenge that encourages teenagers to take their own life. 

Parents and school teachers are advised to be careful about this game and monitor the activity of their child on internet. The NSPCC and Get Safe Online has also released some useful information their website for the parents. 

In United Kingdom, the children are advised to block or ignore anything on internet that ask them to indulge in any self-harm activity. Police officers in Britain are posting warnings on Twitter and other platforms to educate the parents. Similar warnings have been issued in Europe including Belgium and France. 

The insane game derives its name from the popular belief that blue whales voluntarily push themselves on the beaches to die. In the game, several self-harm tasks are set out by an administrator. The tasks range from doing horrible things like cutting a body part or watching a scary movie. 

London have witnessed three suicides recently which are believed to be linked to this nasty online game. 


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