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Judwaa 2’s Oonchi Hai Building is a hit already. But who’s ‘Sagar Wale Raja’ in the lyrics?

Do you know what 'Sagar Wale Raja' is, in the new song Oonchi Hai Building 2?

Written by: India TV Buzz Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: September 08, 2017 15:58 IST ]
Judwaa 2 Oonchi Hai Building lyrics left Twitterati confused

Who doesn’t like to groove on popular 90’s number Oonchi Hai Building composed by Anu Malik. Music lovers got lost it when a remake of the song was released for the film Judwaa 2 on Thursday. Not a surprise though, but the song was trending on social media. The song has already hopped on number 1 position on iTunes. But there was something not right with the lyrics of the song. To find that odd factor in the song, you need to listen to the whole song with your earphones on. Here’s the full video. 

The one’s who’ve got abnormally high hearing power, can they explain the meaning of the line ‘Sagar Wale Raja’. Yes, this line in the song left the Twitterati divided. While everyone liked the song, the thought kept running in the back of the mind, ‘Who’s Sagar wale Raja?’. Moreover, the sentence doesn’t make any sense in first place. Let’s look at the reactions of some perplexed Judwaa fans. 

Everything was going right, but what’s with this ‘Sagar Wale Raja’ in the female chorus of the song?

Honestly, when we heard the song, we also heard it as ‘Sagar Wale Raja’. It was only when Taapsee Pannu herself cleared the air surrounding the confusing lyrics of the song, people finally understood what this Sagar is. 

So basically, Swagger=Sagar, right?

People are not buying the new version of ‘Band Bajaa Leke Aaja’. 

Fans now advise Neha Kakkar to pronounce ‘swagger’ correctly, after all the confusion it gave birth to. 

Swagger or Sagar, the song is already a SUPEEEER hit! Isn’t it? 

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