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7-weeks-old baby with autism says ‘hello’ being so young! Watch the amazing video here

This baby is just a month old when he spoke his first word 'Hello'. Unfortunately, he never spoke a word ever since then!

India TV Buzz Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: May 20, 2017 17:17 IST ]
7-weeks-old baby with autism says ‘hello’ being so young!

Every parent dreams to hear those first words from their little munchkins. But who knew that this day might come way too soon for this mother. Usually, a normal human baby takes 12 months of age to start speaking proper words. But this little guy in the video can say hello although he’s just seven weeks old when spoke the first word in his life. 

Baby Cillian was lying on his bed with his mother cooing him. She keeps saying ‘hello’ to the baby in a sing-song voice. Little did she know that her still-too-young baby will sing back to her. Cillian smiles at his mom, wiggles a little in his blanket and responds by saying hello. After a few minutes, Cillian clearly articulates the word back, “Hello”. 

The video has been shared on Facebook for almost quarter a million times on Facebook. This story garnered lot of attention on social media. Cillian mother narrates what happened when he grew up. Toni, Cillian’s mother wrote on Facebook. 

This was a real and very precious moment. Cillian is 2 now, he has Autism and doesn’t speak…yet. I look forward to the day he says “hello” again.

It has been two years and Toni is waiting to hear that ‘Hello’ again. Cillian, being an autistic child, achieved such a feat at a very young age. But the irony is that, now being too old for learning to speak, he hasn’t uttered a word. This story validates how challenging it is to raise a child with autism. We can’t wait to hear baby Cillian’s next words. 


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