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Mad about online shopping? Try these 5 tips to save maximum money

A right deal in online shopping can result in significant savings and preserve the joy of shopping. Try these 5 tricks to save your money.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 09, 2021 11:32 IST
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Mad about online shopping? Try these 5 tips to save maximum money 

Online shopping has reached a new high, especially during the pandemic. Avid shoppers are now going gaga over offers, discounts, and coupons. Every festive occasion has a sale, be it Diwali, Christmas or New Year. Online marketplaces are booming and are available at the fingertips of every person.

Online shopping has definitely made our lives easier, but at the same time it is a difficult task to get the best value out of spending. A right deal can result in significant savings as well as preserve the joy of shopping. Everything from electronic home appliances and gadgets to groceries and daily supplies have found a place on the web. However, this acceleration of the online shopping trend has some challenges as well. For instance, one cannot haggle with a sales representative as there is no face-to-face encounter in online shopping. As a result, embarking on a virtual shopping spree can put a huge dent in the customer’s wallet if they aren’t careful with their money.

Deepak Gera of e-commerce platform HokoSoko said that pandemic has reversed the entire off-line shopping experience, and more people are turning on to online shopping even for the most basic needs. Everybody wants to save some money while having the best shopping experience.

“Online shopping has not just changed the landscape of shopping, but has become supremely popular among all age groups because of available variety, unmatchable reachability and of course seasonal discounts every now and then. People who have a knack for shopping online always want to play it smart and wait for the right moment to grab that deal,” he said.

Here are some effective tips and tricks for budget-conscious shoppers that will ensure their money is well-spent:

1. Subscribe to Newsletters

Customers can sign up for retail newsletters to get the best deals in their inbox. Often brands offer discount coupons to customers on their first purchase if they subscribe to their newsletter. Through newsletters, customers can also get updates about discounts, coupons, and offers way ahead of time. In some cases, retailers offer certain special discounts that they do not advertise about. Customers can learn about these offers from newsletters and emails.

2. Shop with Gift Cards

Gift cards are another popular option that can help shoppers save money when shopping online. Using a gift card in place of a credit card helps keep spending within limit and maintain one’s budget. Once all the funds in the card are spent, it cannot be used to make any more purchases. Customers can also buy a gift card from a marketplace for less than its face value.

3. Track Flash Sales on Social Media

Many retailers promote their product launches and upcoming sales on their social media channels. That is where they would also be offering promo codes – discounts which are not publicized on their e-commerce sites or in print circulars.

4. Search Best Cashback Offers

In addition to the discount offers, there are cashbacks too, often found on the merchant’s official site. Certain websites like Cash Karo have affiliates with the merchants. Cashbacks can be earned if customers visit the shopping website through affiliate links. They just need to create an account on the website and browse through the various cashback offers listed.

5. Use Online Comparison Tools

Brands compete with each other by offering great deals on their products. To help users compare and find the best deals, there are online price comparison tools. These tools automatically find, test and apply the best coupon code at checkout across various sites.  

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