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Taking skill-based higher education to the grassroots of India – AISECT Group of Universities

All five universities of the AISECT Group work towards their skill development by bringing new ideas that aid in the students’ betterment. There are various features in each university.

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Mr. Santosh Chaubey - Chairman, AISECT Group
Image Source : INDIA TV Mr. Santosh Chaubey - Chairman, AISECT Group

Higher education is far more accessible in India’s urban areas than in the rural parts of the country. Students from remote areas shift to metropolitans in pursuit of receiving quality higher education. Thus, the area they migrate from loses skilled and zealous individuals who could contribute to its overall development.  In such a scenario, we need institutions that bring global exposure to the local level. 

Fortunately, the AISECT Group of Universities is empowering the rural and semi-urban milieu with the power of higher education.  All five universities of the AISECT Group work towards their skill development by bringing new ideas that aid in the students’ betterment. There are various features in each university. For example, the Rabindranath Tagore University has 20 centres of Excellences – a Centre for incubation, Entrepreneurship & startups, Centre for Science & communication, Centre for advance material, a Centre for Innovation in IoT, a Centre for Renewable Energy, Centre for Agriculture, Centre for Environmental science, Centre for Literature and Culture Studies of Indian Diaspora, Centre for Language Learning, Centre for Translation, Centre for Sanskrit and Oriental Languages Studies and Indigenous Knowledge Tradition, Vanmali  Srijan Peeth and Publication, Tagore International Centre for Art and Culture, Tagore Centre for Regional Languages and Culture. Scholarships like Shiksha Mitra are given to students on a merit basis. Dr C.V Raman University, Bilaspur, provides a research-based environment and short-term skilled-based courses through the CVRU NSDC Academy. It is the only university in Chhattisgarh to provide distance education as well. Dr C.V. Raman University, Bihar, has 5 MOUs with international universities for research and education. It has established two solid areas for meaningful study, which are renewable energy & material science Chemistry & Earth science. AISECT University Jharkhand has a world-class infrastructure and education system for students. Besides that, Dr C.V. Raman University, Khandwa, provides an effective e-learning methodology and Audio- Video System facility that helps students learn better. Each of the universities possesses unique features to assist students in an optimum way.

India Tv - Mr. Siddharth Chaturvedi – Executive VP, AISECT Group

Image Source : INDIA TV Mr. Siddharth Chaturvedi – Executive VP, AISECT Group

AISECT has also launched AISECT Learn, a future-ready e-learning platform, designed for upskilling and knowledge building that enables learners to master in-demand, industry-ready skills, delivered in multiple languages. The platform offers a wide array of disciplines from recognized world-class universities. The learning modules offered at AISECT Learn are aligned with New Education Policy offering 1000+ courses, across 80+ categories, offering soft skills and placement-oriented training.  

On AISECT Learn you can upskill yourself under streams like Data Science, Digital Marketing, Business Management, Software Development, Cyber Security, Cloud computing, BFSI, Entrepreneurship, Renewable energy and many more. Aimed at reaching the grassroots of India, AISECT Learn offers a blended model of learning wherein students gain access to courses in vernacular languages through online and in-person classes led by trained & experienced trainers, thereby building an inclusive learning landscape.  With an end goal of building a gainful career, the range of courses span from short-term certification, advanced certification, professional/advanced Diplomas. Focusing on the practical aspect of education, AISECT Learn prepares learners for the best career prospects in the market.

Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

India Tv - Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal

Image Source : INDIA TVRabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal

The Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU), formerly known as AISECT University, was established in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh in Bhopal in 2010 as India’s first skills university. Set on a sprawling 50-acre campus, the university offers a variety of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in subjects like Engineering, Science, Education, Commerce, Computer Science, IT, Management, Law, Arts, Mass Communication, Paramedical, Nursing and Yoga, along with 32 courses in Skill Development. The university has a partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and Sector Skills Councils such as BFSI, ASCI, ASDC, GJSCI and RASCI. The university has a well-versed research-oriented approach to education; the key research areas are Renewable Energy, Rural Development, Material Science & Nano Technology and Environmental Science. The university is a member of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). To aid its research in the sphere of renewable energy, the university houses an Advanced Energy Lab and an Innovative Energy Park with state-of-the-art facilities to conduct investigations, measurements and experiments/fabrication in solar, thermal, wind and hydel energy. RNTU is the only recipient private university in M.P of NITI Aayog grant to set up its own Atal Incubation Centre (AIC). AIC-RNTU aims to encourage and promote the culture of entrepreneurship across India. By playing the role of both startup incubator and accelerator, it aims at training and mentoring young entrepreneurs to fuel their inner drive to innovate. AIC-RNTU aims to support the Startup ecosystem across all the functions viz. mentoring, handholding, industry connect, workshops, investor connect, events, competitions, new age labs & dedicated office space etc. AIC-RNTU is equipped with various labs comprising IOT Lab, I4 lab, Fabrication lab consisting 3 D printer, Mini CNC Machine, CNCRouter, Vinyl Cutter, Laser Cutter, 3 D Scanner. AIC-RNTU currently has 54 incubated startups.

Dr. C.V. Raman University, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh)

India Tv - Dr. C.V. Raman University, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh)

Image Source : INDIA TVDr. C.V. Raman University, Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh)

In 2006, CVRU was established in the tribal area of Kota–Bilaspur as Central India’s first private university. Spread across a lush green campus of 50 acres with impeccable infrastructure, experienced faculty and innovative methodology of imparting education, CVRU Bilaspur is the first university in Chhattisgarh to be awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Approved by UGC, NCTE, AICTE, DEC and BCI, the university offers more than 200 Ph. D, M. Phil, Post Graduate and Undergraduate programs ranging from engineering, law to yoga and physiotherapy have empowered more than 84,000 aspirants to ‘Be More’. Over the years, CVRU Bilaspur has attained towering recognitionin the region as an excellent centre for rural research, research in Biotechnology, and empowering thousands of students with industry-oriented skills. It is the state’s only university that has been selected as the Centre for Knowledge Acquisition and Upgradation of Skilled Human Abilities and Livelihood under the self-financed category for the execution of the DeenDayalUpadhyay Kaushal Kendra Yojana. CVRU Bilaspur offers short-term skill development courses to students in addition to their regular courses through its CVRUNSDC Academy for Skill Development. The university has also established a holistic national presence through the Institute of Open and Distance Education (IODE), which the Distance Education Council recognizes. CVRU Bilaspur is taking rapid strides towards becoming a digital university. A path-breaking digital initiative is Radio Raman 90.4 FM, and the first community radio station set up by a university in India, which broadcasts educational and entertainment-based content that focuses on the fundamental rights of the local community in terms of education, health and law.

AISECT University, Hazaribag (Jharkhand)

India Tv - AISECT University, Hazaribag

Image Source : INDIA TVAISECT University, Hazaribag

AISECT University (AU) was established in the Hazaribag district of Jharkhand in 2016 as the district’s first private University and the first Skills University of the State. Spread across a sprawling 25,000 sq.ft. campus, the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs through 8 major Faculties, namely Management, Agriculture, Science, Commerce, Arts, Journalism & Mass Communication, Yoga & Naturopathy, and Computer Science & IT. One of its kind in the entire state, AU is driven to make students socially and economically aware. The motive is to encourage knowledge, research, and skills-based education, which would efficiently help them withstand and tackle the challenges of this ever-changing competitive world. With the help of modern infrastructure and a pleasant campus, AU is endeavouring to create competent and inspired professionals in the State of Jharkhand. 

Dr C.V. Raman University, Vaishali (Bihar)

India Tv - Dr C.V. Raman University, Vaishali

Image Source : INDIA TVDr C.V. Raman University, Vaishali

Dr C.V. Raman University (CVRU) was established in the Vaishali district of Bihar in 2018 as the state’s first skills-based university. CVRU Vaishali aims to curb the youth migration problem of Bihar by providing the local youth with affordable quality education opportunities in their vicinity. Set in a sprawling campus with all the modern amenities in over 2,00,000 sq. ft. of built-up area, the university offers various industry-centric, multidisciplinary courses under Engineering, Management, Agriculture, Science, Commerce, Arts, Computer & IT and Yoga Education Faculties. Simultaneously, it also offers numerous skill development courses relevant to Bihar’s industrial demands and aspirations. 

Dr C.V. Raman University, Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh)

India Tv - Dr C.V. Raman University, Khandwa

Image Source : INDIA TVDr C.V. Raman University, Khandwa

The university was established in 2018 at Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. The university is driven by the motive of creating an ideal environment for both students and teachers alike. We intend to empower students and encourage knowledge-based education. The university’s vision is to establish Dr. C. V. Raman University as a platform for imparting quality education and providing a research-driven environment. It would help the students learn the necessary skills and knowledge required to make their mark in the challenging, ever-changing professional world. The university’s mission is to create a research-driven environment, spark an imaginative approach, offer proper guidance to prepare industry-ready professionals, strengthen ties with leading academic and corporate bodies worldwide, and be regarded as an avant-garde institution. The university is recognized under Section 2(f) of the UGC Act. The university is an active member of AIU. 

With over 37 years of unparalleled experience in skill development and job placement, the group offers its students a range of opportunities through extensive industry linkages and expertise in entrepreneur development. All five campuses of AGU offer avant-grade education, which is generally inaccessible to the country’s grassroots.

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