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Horoscope Today, June 21: Taurus might travel abroad for important work; know about other zodiac signs

Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how the day of June 21, 2024, will be for you and by what measures you can make this day better. Also, know which lucky number and lucky colour will be for you.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Updated on: June 21, 2024 5:15 IST
Horoscope Today, June 21
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Horoscope Today, June 21, 2024: Today is Jyeshtha Shukla Paksha's Udaya Tithi Chaturdashi and a Friday. The Chaturdashi Tithi will last until 7:32 AM, after which the Purnima Tithi will begin. An auspicious yoga will last until 6:42 PM on June 21. Additionally, the Jyeshtha Nakshatra will last until 6:19 PM today. Today is also Purnima, a day for fasting and other rituals, and it is also International Yoga Day. Learn how your day will unfold on June 21, 2024, from Acharya Indu Prakash and find out the remedies to make your day better, along with your lucky number and colour.


Today will be very good for you. Students of this sign might receive a job call from a company. It's also an auspicious day to join a new course. Private sector employees might need to travel abroad for work. Be cautious with monetary transactions. Investments are favorable today. Control your anger, as it will help complete pending tasks.


Your day will be pleasant. Businessmen might travel abroad for important work, which will be beneficial. Consulting your spouse could help finalize a big business deal, leading to a small celebration at home. Professors will have a good day. Law students might apply to foreign colleges for further studies. You will have the blessings of your parents.


Your planned tasks will be completed today. It's an auspicious day to start a new business. A friend’s support will help you finish pending work. With your spouse’s help, you will succeed in a major task. Your financial situation will improve. You will enjoy good health and handle responsibilities well.


Today will be special. You might meet someone on the way who will benefit you in the future. You can assist your spouse with essential household tasks, providing relief to family members. Unmarried individuals might receive a good marriage proposal. A long drive with a loved one is possible. Athletes will have a good day.


Your day will be favourable. You will face and solve significant challenges patiently. You might be honoured for your diligence. Buying computer-related items today is auspicious. You will receive love from your parents. Organizing a small party at home will strengthen family bonds and a distant relative might surprise you. It's a good day for investments.


You will adopt new ideas, leaving old ones behind, which will uplift your family’s spirits. Enjoy your favourite meal at home. Those considering a new career start will find today auspicious. You might meet a friend on the way and spend some time reminiscing. A plan to go out with your spouse might materialise.


Today will be beneficial. You will profit in business and receive money lent to someone, allowing you to buy essential items. Your health will improve. You might plan an overseas trip with your spouse or offer them a movie outing. Lawyers will find the day significant, winning all their cases. Meeting a childhood friend is likely, and your friends will be helpful. Your work will be appreciated in the office.


Today will be full of relief. Meeting people who will benefit your business is likely. Your financial situation will improve. Maintain a positive attitude towards your spouse. You might gift an air ring to your partner. If you are in the arts, you might get a chance to perform on a big platform. Politicians will have a good day, gaining followers on social media.


Today will be advantageous. You might attend a business meeting from your office, so check your emails thoroughly before going. Enjoy quality time with friends. Businessmen might finalize a deal with a big company, benefiting in the future. You will handle workplace challenges effectively and set new career milestones. Financial gains are likely for businesspeople, and you might do some online shopping.


You will have a good day, treating everyone you meet with love. Marketing professionals will find many opportunities for advancement. Helping an elder will bring you joy. Don’t trust strangers blindly. Showcase your talent to progress in your career. Those dealing in electronics might experience sudden financial gains. A movie outing with your partner is possible.


Your day will be favourable. Visiting a relative’s home with your parents will be enjoyable. Balance your time between friends and work to get more done. You will feel energetic and should channel it properly for better results. Writers will be honoured today. A gift from a loved one will strengthen your relationship, and you might host a party at home.


Today will be excellent for you. Those in communication and internet services will have a good day, possibly receiving a job call from a foreign company. Businessmen should safeguard important documents and handle paperwork carefully. Legal matters might see some relief. Advanced communication tools and modern equipment will improve your work methods. You will surprise your family to make them happy. Overall, it will be a good day.


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