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Watch: Live frog found swimming inside Japanese man’s noodle soup. Company issues apology

Check out this viral video of a live frog found in Japanese man’s takeaway of udon soup!

Kritika Bansal Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Updated on: May 31, 2023 12:45 IST
Live frog found swimming inside Japanese man’s soup
Image Source : TWITTER Live frog found swimming inside Japanese man’s soup

Trending News: A Japanese man named Kaito, who uses the name Kaito on Twitter, had an interesting experience while on a business trip. He ordered a bowl of Marugame Seimen's Spicy Dandan Salad Udon and was almost done eating when he discovered a frog swimming in the broth that was left. Kaito quickly took a picture and video of the frog and posted it on Twitter. The post became very popular and spread rapidly. In response to the incident, Marugame Seimen apologized and temporarily stopped selling the product.

Kaito's tweet, which was translated from Japanese to English, said, "#shakeudon. I ate udon during my business trip... I ate after shaking it and didn't notice until the end. The shop reopened that night after being closed for 3 hours, and is still selling salads and the same products. Be careful before eating." Along with the tweet, he shared a video and a photo showing the live frog in his udon bowl.

After Kaito's tweet went viral, the company apologized to the customer for the inconvenience caused. They also apologized to all their customers who regularly visit Marugame Seimen. The company stated, "We immediately sought guidance from the local public health center and determined that the contamination originated from the raw materials, specifically the vegetable processing factory." As a result, the company temporarily stopped selling the product.

Watch the viral video here:

Kaito's tweet has received over 6.9 million views so far, and the number continues to rise. Many people have commented on the post as well. One Twitter user commented, "Is that a tree frog? I can't clearly see the line next to the eye, so it might be a Schlegel's tree frog." Another person said, "Are you talking about vegetables? I remember once buying lettuce and finding a bigger frog at the bottom of the bag, so accidents like this can happen." A third person expressed, "Another frog incident? There have been quite a few lately..." A fourth person shared, "I remember ordering a salad at a Japanese pub once, and there was a cabbage caterpillar in it."

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