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  4. Barack Obama's handshake video with Curry and LeBron goes viral, echoes 'Key & Peele' sketch | WATCH

Barack Obama's handshake video with Curry and LeBron goes viral, echoes 'Key & Peele' sketch | WATCH

Former President Barack Obama's casual greeting of Team USA basketball players before their 2024 Olympics departure recalls a famous Key & Peele comedy sketch. Watch the viral video that mirrors the show's satire and prompts nostalgic reactions.

Written By: Rahul Pratyush @29_pratyush New Delhi Published on: July 11, 2024 9:17 IST
Barack Obama's handshake with Curry and LeBron
Image Source : X Barack Obama's handshake Video with Curry and LeBron goes viral

Former President Barack Obama casually greeted members of the Team USA men’s basketball team on Wednesday before their departure to Paris for the 2024 Olympics. His friendly interaction with the group immediately evoked memories of a well-known comedy sketch featuring the former president.

The popular comedy series Key & Peele featured a memorable sketch where Jordan Peele's portrayal of President Obama greeted each event attendee in unique and amusing ways. Recently, Obama's greeting style with NBA players including LeBron James, Steph Curry and other Team USA members evoked strong similarities to that comedic sketch.

Watch the viral video:

X (formerly Twitter) user Ahmed/The Ears posted the video with the caption, “Key and Peele sketch Team USA edition” The video closely mirrored the Key & Peele segment, prompting fans to quickly notice the delightful similarities between fiction and reality. Since the post was published, the video has accumulated nearly 4 million views and received 73K likes.

Users immediately started commenting on the video, one user wrote, “This might be the funniest example of life imitating art that I’ve ever seen.” Another user joined and said, “Love when Obama does the Key & Peele handshake line skit in real life.” A third user commented, “Key & Peele's Obama handshake skit will forever be classic.” A fourth user even expressed his wish to see Obama’s return as president, “Obama just did the Key & Peele handshake skit in real life. We need this man back in office.”


About Key & Peele show:

‘Key and Peele’ was a popular sketch comedy show starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. Known for its sharp humour and satirical sketches, the show tackled various social and cultural topics with wit and creativity. One of their famous sketches involved a humorous portrayal of Barack Obama greeting people with overly elaborate handshakes, showcasing their knack for blending satire with current events in a memorable and comedic way.

Watch the sketch:

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