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  • Weak Immune system signs

    Covid19: 10 signs which indicate that you have a weak immune system

    April 05, 2022 13:58 IST

    Immune system works as an important agent for the body. It regulates the functioning of the body, which results in a good health for a longer period. But, there are several body monsters like bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which attack the body and make our immune system weak. Let’s check out the signs that make our body the home for unwanted invaders.

  • Animal embryos evolved long before animals: Study

    Animal embryos evolved long before animals: Study

    World | November 28, 2019 11:13 IST

    The researchers, including those from the Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (NIGPAS), analysed the tiny fossils of the multicellular organism of Caveasphaera, which measured about a half-millimeter in diameter, and were preserved down to their component cells.

  • Human heart cells behave differently in space: Study

    Human heart cells behave differently in space: Study

    November 11, 2019 15:47 IST

    Human heart muscle cells show changes in the way they operate in space, although they behave normally within 10 days after returning to the Earth.

  • Image used for representational purpose only.

    Human cells can recall story of their development

    Science | June 06, 2019 13:47 IST

    Different cell types in the body all share the same DNA. Their differences come from how their genes are controlled. One control element is the enhancer, a region of DNA that turns genes on and off.

  • removal of old cells osteoarthiritis

    Selective removal of old cells can delay onset of osteoarthiritis

    Lifestyle | June 11, 2017 16:45 IST

    Selective removal of old cells that are collected in our joints as we grow old may considerably contribute in delaying the onset of age-related degenerative joint conditions like osteoarthritis.

  • environment-friendly plastic solar cells using food

    Researchers develop environment-friendly plastic solar cells using food addictive

    Lifestyle | October 03, 2016 10:57 IST

    Environment-friendly plastic solar cells using a food addictive that can be manufactured at room temperature is developed by researchers from North Carolina State University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The efficient, semi-printed solar cells

  • smart device that engineers cells to kill cancer

    'Smart'device that engineers cells to kill cancer

    April 19, 2014 22:54 IST

    New York : In a path-breaking discovery, biologists have created a new technology for modifying human cells to create therapeutics that could travel the body and selectively target and kill cancer cells without disrupting healthy

  • cell services suspended in pak cities to stop possible

    Cell services suspended in Pak cities to stop possible attacks

    World | August 20, 2012 13:05 IST

    Islamabad, Aug 20: Against the backdrop of intelligence reports about possible terror attacks during the Eid holidays, cellular services have been suspended in four major Pakistani cities, including Lahore and Karachi, to prevent bombings triggered

  • scientists make sick and ageing cells healthy again

    Scientists Make Sick And Ageing Cells Healthy Again

    World | July 03, 2011 18:30 IST

    New York, Jul 3 : An ‘elixir of life' could soon be reality, scientists claim. In remarkable experiments, researchers took cells from children who were old before their time and made them healthy again.The cells