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  • power not immortal jaitley to congress

    Power Not Immortal: Jaitley To Congress

    India | August 17, 2011 23:38 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 17: With the storm created by Anna Hazare's arrest refusing to die down, BJP today bluntly told Congress in Rajya Sabha that power is not immortal and “the more arrogant you are,

  • preventive detention only for imminent danger sc

    Preventive Detention Only For 'Imminent Danger': SC

    India | August 17, 2011 22:09 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 17: Amid countrywide protests over the arrest of Anna Hazare, the Supreme Court has held that preventive detention law can be invoked only if there is “imminent danger to peace” and a

  • police relent no restriction on crowd offers 7 days protest

    Police Relent; No Restriction On Crowd, Offers 7 Days Protest

    India | August 17, 2011 19:39 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 17: Bowing before public pressure after Anna Hazare's arrest, Delhi Police today withdrew virtually all pre-conditions for the hunger strike by the Gandhian and his team in the national capital.  After the

  • anna trying to impose lokpal bill totally misconceived pm

    Anna Trying To Impose Lokpal Bill 'Totally Misconceived': PM

    India | August 17, 2011 23:38 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 17 : Asserting that Parliament was the sole body to frame laws, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said Anna Hazare had sought to impose his version of Lokpal Bill which was “totally

  • upa bites dust on release of anna bjp

    UPA 'Bites Dust' On Release Of Anna: BJP

    India | August 16, 2011 22:04 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 16: As the Delhi Police decided to withdraw the case against Anna Hazare to facilitate his release from jail tonight itself, BJP today kept up its attack on the government saying “it

  • congress accuses opposition of opportunism

    Congress Accuses Opposition Of Opportunism

    India | August 16, 2011 20:56 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 16: With opposition parties closing ranks in support of Anna Hazare, Congress today decried it as a move based on “political expediency” and warned that it will have serious repercussions for democracy

  • hope govt servants won t respond to mass leave call pc

    Hope Govt Servants Won't Respond To Mass Leave Call: PC

    India | August 16, 2011 19:35 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 16: Home Minister P Chidambaram today hoped government servants will not respond to the “wrong call” of mass leave given by Team Anna to them to rpt to join their protests on

  • anna withstood 90 minutes of persuasion by delhi police

    Anna Withstood 90 Minutes of Persuasion By Delhi Police Official

    India | August 16, 2011 13:45 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 16 : Ninety-minutes of persuasion by a senior police official did not move Anna Hazare an inch as he stood firm on his plans to defy prohibitory orders, leading to his charged-up

  • prohibitory orders clamped in central delhi areas

    Prohibitory Orders Clamped In Central Delhi Areas

    India | August 15, 2011 22:27 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 15: Acting tough, Delhi police tonight imposed prohibitory orders in some central Delhi localities, including Jai Prakash Narain Park, the venue of Anna Hazare's fast in protest against the official Lokpal Bill.

  • anna gives jail bharo call to court arrest and fast in

    Anna Gives Jail Bharo Call, To Court Arrest And Fast In Custody

    India | August 15, 2011 23:31 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 15: Gandhian activist Anna Hazare is all set for a full blown confrontation with the government on the Lokpal bill, giving a call to his supporters to fill up jails all over

  • delhi police seeks services of 2 magistrates

    Delhi Police Seeks Services Of 2 Magistrates

    India | August 15, 2011 19:01 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 15: Delhi Police today sought the services of two magistrates from Delhi government ahead of the protest by Anna Hazare and his team who have announced they would go ahead with their

  • govt justifies delhi police rejecting permission to anna

    Govt Justifies Delhi Police Rejecting Permission To Anna

    India | August 15, 2011 16:33 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 15: The Government today justified Delhi Police rejecting permission for Anna Hazare's indefinite fast here in absence of an undertaking by his team saying law of the land is equal for all

  • permission denied team hazare exploring options

    Permission Denied, Team Hazare Exploring Options

    India | August 15, 2011 19:09 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 15: With police denying permission to Anna Hazare to hold his fast here, his associates today said the Gandhian will go to the protest venue tomorrow and court arrest even as they

  • congress to respond to anna s charges on sunday

    Congress To Respond To Anna's Charges On Sunday

    India | August 13, 2011 22:06 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 13: Congress will come out tomorrow with a response to Anna Hazare's accusation that the government is putting conditions on his fast.  Congress spokespersons refused to respond to Hazare's allegations and his

  • cong dealing with anna in autocratic manner bjp

    Cong Dealing With Anna In 'Autocratic' Manner: BJP

    India | August 13, 2011 20:54 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 13: BJP today accused the Congress-led UPA government of dealing with Anna Hazare, who plans to go on a fast-unto-death on corruption issue, in an “autocratic” manner and said the behaviour is

  • centre s misgovernance led us to meddle in internal matters

    Centre's Misgovernance Led US To Meddle In Internal Matters, Says Anna

    India | August 13, 2011 20:48 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 13: Social activist Anna Hazare on Saturday said the government has betrayed the nation's trust, and said if he had known the government would cheat he wouldn't have called off his fast

  • anna s fast should be allowed nitish

    Anna's Fast Should Be Allowed: Nitish

    India | August 13, 2011 20:02 IST

    Patna, Aug 13: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today lent full support to Anna Hazare's movement against corruption asserting that everybody had the constitutional and democratic right to hold agitation for a cause and so

  • police restrictions unacceptable bhushan

    Police Restrictions Unacceptable: Bhushan

    India | August 13, 2011 17:59 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 13: Anna Hazare's team on Saturday rejected as “unacceptable” and “unconstitutional” Delhi Police's restrictions on the fast to be undertaken by the social activist. Prashant Bhushan, noted Supreme Court lawyer, said the police

  • govt should withdraw lokpal bill team hazare tells par panel

    Govt Should Withdraw Lokpal Bill: Team Hazare Tells Par Panel

    India | August 10, 2011 23:42 IST

    New Delhi, Aug 10: Adopting a tough posture, team Anna Hazare today asked a Parliamentary panel to recommend to the government to withdraw the Lokpal Bill and come out with a fresh measure which deals

  • anna will be consulted to make lokayukta broad based nitish

    Anna Will Be Consulted To Make Lokayukta 'Broad-Based': Nitish

    Politics | July 19, 2011 17:22 IST

    Patna, Jul 19: Pledging his firm resolve to fight corruption, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today said social activist and Gandhian Anna Hazare's help would be sought to make Lokayukta “further broad-based and effective.”“We have