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Telangana: Will conduct caste census if voted to power in state, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi hit out at BJP, BRS and AIMIM saying that they are targeting his party together and alleged that Owaisi's party will field candidates to assist the BJP.

Edited By: Shashwat Bhandari @ShashBhandari New Delhi Published on: October 19, 2023 16:35 IST
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with Telangana Congress
Image Source : PTI Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with Telangana Congress President Revanth Reddy during a rally ahead of State Assembly elections, at Kataram in Bhupalpally district.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday addressed a poll rally in Telangana's Bhupalpally region and said that they will conduct a caste census in the state if voted to power.

Hitting out at Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Rahul Gandhi said that he doesn't respond to caste-census and therefore people should question him. Seeing your enthusiasm it seems that KCR is going to lose this election.

"This election is a battle between Dorala Telangana and Prajala Telangana, a conflict between anarchy and the people," Rahul Gandhi said.

"You dreamed of a Telangana where its people would govern, but in the last ten years, your CM KCR distanced himself from the people, and only his family is ruling the state, shattering your dream," the former Congress chief said.

Telangana has the highest corruption in India, which adversely affects the youth and women of Telangana.

"BJP, BRS, and AIMIM are collaborating to attack Congress," he said.

BJP is filing cases against opposition parties to silence their voices, yet there are no cases against KCR. The absence of CBI and ED cases against CM KCR raises questions. Congress is contesting elections with BJP in many other states, where AIMIM will field candidates to assist BJP, the Congress leader said.

"The most pressing issue in India right now is the caste census. It is like an X-Ray that reveals the percentage of Backward Classes (BCs), Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), and minorities, enabling equitable budget allocation," he added.

"I questioned in Parliament why only three out of 90 Cabinet secretaries are OBCs and why only 5 per cent of the budget is allocated to OBCs," Rahul Gandhi said.

Under BJP's rule, Adani's massive loans are being waived, while loans of poor farmers and workers are not. I'm asking Modi and KCR if only 5 per cent of India's budget is decided by OBCs, does that mean only 5 per cent of OBCs exist in India, Rahul Gandhi asked.

"We have already initiated caste census surveys in Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Karnataka and will do the same in Telangana as soon as we come to power," the former Congress chief said.

The caste census will reveal how much KCR's family has looted Telangana. KCR promised 3 acres of land for Dalits but remained silent on this promise after coming to power, he questioned again.

For women, our primary scheme will be Mahalakshmi, providing Rs 2,500 every month, LPG for 500, and free bus transport, Rahul Gandhi said.

"When PM Modi and CM KCR give their speeches, the people of Telangana should question them about when they intend to conduct the caste census survey," Rahul said.

In 2004, Congress promised to create Telangana and fulfilled our promises. Congress is now promising a caste census and will ensure its fulfillment, he added.

"My relationship with the people of Telangana is one of love and affection. While KCR and Modi come to Telangana for a political relationship with you, my connection with you is based on love and affection," he said.

"I am always at your service from Delhi and will continue to be ready to serve you as you wish," he concluded.

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