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Stuffcool WC630 wireless charger review: A great bedside table charger

Stuffcool WC630 wireless charger is available for Rs. 2,399. At that price, should you pick one up? Let's find out.

Devesh Arora Devesh Arora @aroradevesh
New Delhi Published on: September 23, 2021 18:49 IST

Stuffcool WC630 uses Qi wireless charging technology.

Stuffcool has recently launched a new wireless charger dubbed Stuffcool WC630. The wireless charger throws 15W of output through its Qi wireless charging pad. The charger has been made available for a price of Rs. 2,399 and at that price, should you get it for your new smartphone? Let’s find out.

As soon as I took the Stuffcool WC630 out of its packaging, I was quite impressed with the build quality. Though build-out of plastic, the wireless charger does feel quite sturdy. The thing I was most impressed by was how sleek the charger was. Most of the wireless chargers that I have seen are not this slim. 

The wireless charger comes in black colour and looks quite subtle. There is an LED indicator on the front that tells you whether the charger is ready or not. At the back, there is a USB Type-C port, for which the company has included both the USB Type-C cable and the wall adaptor in the box. 

India Tv - stuffcool

Image Source : INDIATV

There cross mark on the top is made out of rubber and it ensures that the device does not slip off the charging plate. 

On top of the wireless charger, you will see a cross that basically guides you where you should drop your smartphone or other Qi wireless charging capable device. Flipping it over, you will see the Stuffcool branding and some useful information. There are also rubber tips that will make sure the wireless charger does not slip off a table.  

In terms of usage, the Stuffcool WC630 is a pretty basic wireless charger. As soon as I dropped my Galaxy Z Flip on top of it, the phone started charging. I even tried charging my iPhone 12 Pro and OnePlus Buds Pro with the Stuffcool WC630 and they all seemed to work fine with it. 

India Tv - stuffcool

Image Source : INDIATV

It also gets an LED light on the front.

Should you buy it?

Most smartphones these days are coming without a charger in the box and people have to spend over Rs. 2000 just on a power adapter. Considering that, it would rather make sense in investing in something like the Stuffcool WC630. It brings in a wall adapter, a USB Type-C cable and a Qi wireless charger to the table at a reasonable price. It can sit right on your bedside table and charge not only your phone but also the accessories that support Qi wireless charging.  

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